Love has the ability to bring people together at any time and in any place. It’s not only humans that have their own definitions of love; cats do, too.

After reading this story, you’ll find out for yourself whether or not animals feel the same way we do.

Christina Viscusi adopted Sophie in 2014, and the two were inseparable as soon as they met.

Christina and Sophie went for a stroll one day. Then, as they walked, Sophie found herself attracted to a neighbor. Scottie, a male cat, was the obvious choice for this neighbor’s character.

You can probably guess what occurred next. You’ll see that Scottie is smitten after seeing Sophie and Scottie together.

Sophie, on the other hand, didn’t want to show Scottie that she, too, had fallen for him, so he attempted to keep his calm. Scottie was desperate to capture Sophie’s heart, even if she was playing hard to get.

Sophie would eventually become unable to resist Scottie, and the two felines would go on a series of adventures together! Their human companions are also well aware of the two cats’ romance, therefore they never take action to prevent them from coming together.

Both cats have been hanging out together for years and there is no sign of them parting ways anytime soon! Sophie and Scottie go out of their way to help one other out. It was true love at first sight! Both Scottie and Sophie look to be a match made in heaven.

After seeing Sophie sitting on the porch, Scottie goes up to her – on the sidewalk!

Scottie will patiently stand by the entrance, waiting for his love to go through the door!

When the love is real, everyone is aware of it. Particularly when cats are involved, there is no possibility that the public will remain unaware of the situation. Cats are quite expressive, and things like this are not kept secret for very long by them.

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By Elen

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