A man, you may say a Reddit shared a video of his experience with a scared kitty that was gripping a large cargo truck near his workplace.

When it was discovered and shown to be the case, the mother of the cat left and get rid of the kitten. Another kitty was not found either.

He has just recently realized that he is unable to leave a kitten in such a dangerous and endangered situation alone in the street.

The man requested permission to take the cat home through text message to his wife after seeing the kitten abandoned. His wife responded by saying that it was difficult to say no to something so nice.

After a short period, he and his wife decided to take the adorable and innocent kitten to the veterinarian. The veterinarian performed a thorough examination of the cat and even vaccinated it.

This cat, who was originally called Axel, was discovered when it was only four or five weeks old. Axel will be happy from the time of his adoption since he will have a permanent home.

His companions are a 19-year-old cat and a 2-year-old dogs. The cat is now safe and happy, and she is surrounded with love and warmth.

By Elen

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