When Mayhem first arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society, she was quite pregnant, and the staff decided that finding her a foster home was the best solution. Dr. Emily Bewley, the shelter’s veterinarian, was the first person to come to mind.

As Dr. Bewley said to The Dodo, “I do a lot of animal fostering, particularly of pregnant cats and dogs, so that they can give birth in their own home rather than a shelter.”

Despite Dr. Bewley’s best efforts, Mayhem refused to accept his invitation to live with him. Doctor Bewley was anxious that she would need to be placed in a different foster family where she would feel more at peace, and she worked hard to find her a new place to live.

As Dr. Bewley said, “I attempted to spend more time with her, but it was clear she was dissatisfied with my efforts.”

“She managed to get out of her locked cage one night, and I discovered her in my unfinished storage room,” said the author. I tried to take control of her, but she became frightened and left. “I saw her dash up the wall and into the ceiling!”

Mayhem eventually made her way out of hiding, but it wasn’t long before the family began hearing meows from the ceiling and discovered that Mayhem had given birth to her kittens in the ceiling.

All hands were on deck to devise a plan to safely remove the kittens from the ceiling and reunite them with their incredibly smart mother.

Bewley added, “I called Rebecca, my technician, and her husband, Kurtis, who is a construction foreman.” “Of course, my husband was on vacation!” When Rebecca and Kurtis arrived, they immediately started drilling holes. We found three kittens soon and reunited them with Mayhem. We thought we’d found and rescued all of the kittens… until another meow came through the wall!”

The surviving kitten had fallen under the chimney, but they were able to recover it with a little more effort. All four kittens were safe and sound, and they seemed to be in perfect health.

Mayhem quickly adapted to motherhood and evolved into the finest mom anybody could have ever imagined, even becoming an adoptive mother to two abandoned kittens who were brought into the shelter by their mother.

Bewley named the kittens after their mother, Mayhem, and her antics, giving them the names Havoc, Snafu, Fiasco, Kerfuffle, Vendetta, and Penance.

As Bewley said further, “Mother Mayhem is currently caring for six babies and has evolved into a magnificent cat.”

“She’s a beautiful mother, and she seems to be really happy and pleased.” Everything is doing well with the ‘ceiling kittens,’ as well as the two abandoned kittens that Mayhem adopted.”

Despite her initial doubts about her foster home, Mayhem quickly became a valuable member of the family after the kittens were arrived. She was, in reality, just an uncomfortable pregnant woman ready to give birth — so eager, in fact, that she did it in the ceiling.

By Elen

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