In Montreal, Canada, a litter of one-week-old kittens was saved and taken to a shelter. They needed round-the-clock feedings, so a group of volunteers volunteered to look after them. The ginger kitten was the smallest of the litter and was struggling to survive.

Jess, a seasoned rescuer, volunteered to assist. She carried him home and started tube-feeding him, keeping him warm, and sitting by his side 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

She didn’t know whether the baby would live, but she wasn’t going down without a fight. The kitten finally made it over the hump and began to perk up after many sleepless nights and huge efforts.

Baby Mars, a ginger boy, was finally strong enough to hold on and feed without the need of a tube. He needed to be fed via a syringe since he was still so little. Despite everything, he made every effort to fill his stomach at every meal.

The goal was to grow the kitten healthy and large enough to find a forever home for him. A local rescue group, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, promised to assist and took him in.

“Jess was really kind with the kitty. She fed him every several hours, kept him warm, and showed him affection. That was the only thing that kept him alive” Chatons Orphelins Montréal’s Celine Crom said.

As soon as Baby Mars regained his footing, he attempted to waddle over to the food and was eager to eat. The kitten was finally catching up in weight.

Coralie, a Chatons Orphelins Montréal foster volunteer, welcomed the little man into her home. She made sure he didn’t miss a single meal by taking him with her wherever she went.

Throughout this journey, Baby Mars has served as Coralie’s tiny shadow, following her everywhere she goes and never leaving her side. When he is sleeping, he will wrap up on her lap or nuzzle into her arms to get warm.

With his increased size, the energetic ginger cat will now engage in wrestling matches with other cats in the home, even if they are bigger in size. When he’s on the field, the intrepid ball of energy is unquestionably the best.

After a day of fun around the home, the kitten would seek out his foster mother and snuggle up to her for some quiet time and tender loving care, according to the family.

“His small meows and large eyes are highly persuasive, and he has a lot of influence. In certain cases, he may just stand there and look at his human until he receives what he seeks — cuddles.”

Soon after, Baby Mars wiggled his way into the hearts of his foster parents, who were completely unaware of what had happened. It wasn’t long before Coralie realized that the kitten had made a decision that she couldn’t deny. It was time for him to be adopted.

Mars was legally adopted by his foster home when he was three months old, as per the family. 

A new chapter in the life of the fluffy kitten began as he graduated from his foster program and moved in with his now-forever family.

Born a healthy and beautiful young cat, Baby Mars has found his happily ever after and is blooming into an even more healthy and attractive young cat.

By Elen

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