A dog was brought into one of the shelters in Washington, and it was still quite young, virtually a puppy at the time. His behavior, on the other hand, was significantly different from that of the other animals at the shelter.

They are attracted to people on an equal level, appreciate the attention and care of the shelter’s personnel, and go to great lengths to please the guests they encounter.

Roscoe, on the other hand, was different. He remained unsociable and had no dialogue with his fellow tribesmen or with the employees of the shelter, and he never expressed any happiness at their arrival. He even refused to acknowledge their presence.

When an animal is mistreated, such behavior is natural. However, this shelter had volunteers that were addicted to this activity because they genuinely cared about animals.

It was evident that something was bothering the dog, and the staff at the shelter decided to find out what the mystery was that she was keeping hidden in her heart. They uploaded a photograph of him to the internet.

And then there was a miracle! When one of the farmers in the nearby village noticed this message, he quickly contacted the shelter to report the situation. He claims that his beloved pet, Roscoe, went missing three years ago and that the two are strikingly similar. The pet’s owner stated that he had been searching for the animal for a year, but had been unsuccessful.

Suddenly, as soon as the man came at the shelter and approached the enclosure, the dog went completely still and started sniffing. After that, he squealed and joyously threw himself at his feet, ran in circles, and waggled his tail in delight.

No one noticed him in such a situation when he was staying in the shelter. When the owner saw that the dog remembered him and was incredibly joyful, he couldn’t keep the tears back from falling.

By Elen

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