Generally speaking, when it comes to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog breed, the majority of people believe that it is a scary and dangerous breed that should not be kept as pets. As a result, they have earned the unfortunate title of “most undesired dog” and it can take a long time for them to find a forever home.

Sybil, on the other hand, was adopted only a couple of days after she arrived at a rescue charity, and it was all due of her gorgeous smile, according to the rescue organization.

All Dogs Matter in north London has taken in Sybil, also known as Lily, who was discovered walking the streets by a dog warden last week and taken to the shelter.

When she originally arrived at the shelter, everyone worried that they would have a difficult time rehoming her because to the fact that Staffordshires are extremely difficult to rehome.

Despite the stereotypes that are frequently connected with her breed, she immediately won over the hearts of the shelter’s employees and volunteers. When one of them decided to take a picture of her and immediately posted it on Twitter. Sybil’s adorably crooked smile rapidly gained her hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, as expected.

Soon after, the shelter received a flood of messages from people who expressed their affection for the dog. Some people have expressed an interest in adopting her. At long last, she found her forever home with Frankie Murphy, an animal lover who had called the organization to let them know she was interested in adopting the dog.

“We couldn’t help ourselves when we saw her adorable little smile,” Frankie said. “In spite of the fact that we were aware that she had a great deal of attention based on her Twitter post, we reached out to the charity in the hopes that she was still available.” When we went to see her, we fell in love with her immediately. She came in with her foster mother and was delighted to see us as we were seated in the waiting area.”

“She’s really fantastic,” Frankie said. “Her barking is non-existent, and she follows my father about like a little shadow. Because she’s been so quiet, my neighbors were completely unaware that we acquired a new puppy. She is also extremely bright, as seen by her ability to open our back door. Despite the fact that she is not tall enough to reach the handle, she can open it by pushing it with her nose.”

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By Elen

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