Olive is a wonderful and beautiful cat who originally comes from Derbyshire, England. White coat and stunning blue eyes on this 4-year-old cat have captivated the attention of social media users around. When you first see this cat, it’s strange if you aren’t charmed by it as well.

I’d never be able to get enough cat eyes if I tried. Cat eyes are stunningly gorgeous, dazzlingly lovely, and incredibly extraordinary in even the darkest light.

Complete heterochromia is a condition in which one eye has a completely different color than the other.

Sectoral heterochromia, on the other hand, is something we’ve never heard of before. Odd Eyed Olive has this unique affliction, and her eyes are absolutely stunning!

Cat eye color is controlled by the same genes that regulate white fur color, thus these lovely multicolor eyes are the result of some old-fashioned genetics. Olive’s vision and hearing, fortunately, are as normal as those of any other feline.

Olive enjoys playing in boxes, bird watching, and making cat chatter sounds in her spare time, according to her owner. Olive also enjoys destroying her ever-increasing collection of feather toys.

Aside from taking pictures of the environment around her and engaging in any of her previously mentioned favorite pastimes, Olive loves spending time with Charlie, her cat companion and designated cuddle buddy. In Olive’s human’s words, she and her “lover” have been together for years and are “inseparable.” Olive must also be a fan of blue eyes!

Owner claims Olive only tolerates Charlie’s affection and attention but refuses to cuddle with any other cats in the house! A fluffy blue-eyed beauty named Fifi, who has stunning blue eyes, also lives with her. So there may be something in the water for her three feline friends as well.

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