While volunteering at an animal shelter over the weekend, a woman took a brief break outside the facility. However, it was far from the peaceful respite she had planned for.

From the rear staircase of the All About Cats Rescue facility in Freeport, New York, could be heard wailing and screams of pain. After going down the stairs to investigate, the volunteer noticed three pairs of fearful eyes peering up at her from the bottom.

Two calico cats and an orange tabby were kept in a small space with no access to food, water, or other means of identifying themselves. 

Camera noticed that during the early morning hours of that day, a gray vehicle pulls up outside the shelter and a man and woman escape with the terrified kittens, as shown in the photo. In an interview with The Dodo, Valerie Dalessio, one of the shelter’s founders, said: “They just pulled up in the van and dropped the cats right there in the parking garage.” As soon as their former owners drove away, the cats began to meow loudly.

However, abandoning the cats in such a careless manner was not only irresponsible, but also highly harmful.

According to Dalessio, “We’re on Sunrise Highway,” which he described as a “very busy route.” As one observer put it, “These cats are fortunate that they did not run out onto the street and be murdered because they ran down the stairwell.”

An attempt was made by one of the kittens to get away from her rescuer by creeping up the stairwell column. However, with only minor persuading, a volunteer was able to capture the cat and bring her inside for protection.

They are all between 7 and 9 months old and in good health. Ashley, Amanda, and Aiden are three cats who live in the same house. Dalessio believes that the adorable cats’ abandonment was owing to their advanced age, as they were no longer in their kitten stage.

Now that they are safe and comfortable in the shelter, the young kittens are beginning to show the volunteers a more loving and cuddly side of their personalities. In fact, the group appears to be in desperate need of any type of human interaction, from petting to cuddling, at this point.

Dalessio noted, “ They’re just absolutely nice.” They “loop around your legs” when you place them down. They take pleasure in being held.”

Having had the opportunity to socialize with the other 20 residents of the free-roaming shelter, the three cats have received excellent evaluations for their social abilities.“They get along with everyone,” Dalessio said, “ All they want is to be petted when they’re wandering around.”

After the kittens have been spayed and neutered, the only thing left to do is find them a loving forever home . As a result, they will communicate their gratitude to their new family on a regular basis, as evidenced by their affectionate manner

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