Sarah Jessica Parker’s work is a reflection of her own experiences.

Tuesday on Instagram, the actress of “And Just Like That…” disclosed that she had become the new owner of the cat that appears in the popular Max series. Shoe, who once belonged to Carrie Bradshaw, is now Parker’s very own pet.

“His off-camera name is Lotus,” Parker, 58, captioned her photo on Instagram with. When they were rescued as babies by the Connecticut Humane Society, he and his siblings were all given names that were derived from plants.

“In April of 2023, the Parker and Broderick families made their adoption official. In May of 2022, we adopted Rémy and Smila, and now he will join their family. The actress said, “If he looks familiar, that’s because he is,” in reference to her new pet, who was borrowed from the Connecticut Humane Society and brought to the set of And Just Like That…

The animal sanctuary provided more information on Lotus on her Facebook page.

While they are being cared for here at the Connecticut Humane Society, some of the animals are placed in very wonderful foster homes. Little Lotus had the opportunity to visit the set of “And Just Like That” in Manhattan, where Sarah Jessica Parker was working. Did you catch his charming first appearance? The Connecticut Humane Society revealed the kitten’s new home in an Instagram post with the hashtag “And #spoileralert, Lotus liked the spotlight so much, he’s decided to stay on the show!”

After Che Diaz, who was portrayed by Sara Ramrez, brought the cat to Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in the episode “And Just Like That…,” Parker’s famous character, Carrie Bradshaw, decided to adopt the kitty.

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On Parker’s Instagram, in which she formally introduces the furry TV star as a member of her family, there are various cute pictures of Lotus, such as one in which Parker is seen holding the kitten near to her nose, and another in which the kitty is seen reclining on a table.

A few days ago, the author Evan Ross Katz shared stills from the film And Just Like That… with Parker as Carrie holding Shoe.

Katz captioned the photo he shared on August 24 with the following: “High-key my favorite character on Season 2 of AJLT: Shoe Bradshaw.”

When Parker responded on her own Lotus Instagram photo, she seemed to recognize Katz’s previous post showcasing Lotus/Shoe by writing, “You weren’t incorrect @evanrosskatz. X, SJ.”

Before the season two finale of the series, which aired on August 24th, And only Like That… was only recently given a renewal for a third season on the network Max.

In a press statement, executive producer Michael Patrick King stated, “We are thrilled to spend more time in the Sex and the City universe telling new stories about the lives of these relatable and aspirational characters played by these amazing actors.”

In addition to a cameo by Shoe the cat, the season 2 finale of And Just Like That… included a memorable cameo appearance by Kim Cattrall as her much-loved character Samantha Jones from Sex and the City.

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