Being a child is all about being careless, and animals are no exception, as they regularly find themselves into all kinds of problems, even if it is all process of learning. Sadly, youthful energy can lead them into adventures that are over their heads.

Take, for example, this tabby cat that we have here: she found herself in a potentially life-threatening scenario. No one knows how she managed to get up to 30 feet above the earth on a highway support beam in southwest Houston, but everyone knew she needed to be rescued as soon as possible.

Rescuers from the Houston SPCA and Harris County Precinct 1 hurried to the scene when the kitten was discovered along a busy section of Highway 90. They utilized the assistance of a traffic light installer, and with a lot of patience and cautious maneuvering, they were able to save the unfortunate animal.

It goes without saying that this was a horrific situation for the little creature, and that the rescue itself took a total six hours! It’s incredible how they managed to pull it off.

To rescue the kitten, rescuers first set a little trap on the beam of the traffic sign and then lured her into it with a treat. It was evaluated and found to be in decent shape, with only a few scrapes and bruises to show for its age.

In the words of Julie Kuenstle, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the Houston SPCA, no one came forward to claim the kitten, and there was no microchip in the kitten’s possession.

“HAPPY ENDING! After a cat was discovered caught on a motorway beam, our 24-hour injured animal rescue ambulance was dispatched to the scene. “After Sgt. Loewen with @pctconstable requested assistance in reaching the vulnerable kitten, the Houston SPCA reported on Instagram that the @third_coast_services didn’t hesitate to help.”

For the fearful feline, a little trap was set high up along the beam, where she eventually made her way inside. It took a team effort of more than 6 hours to get her safely back on the ground and into the care of the Houston SPCA’s veterinary experts. ” The small orange tabby suffered only scrapes and bumps.

The gorgeous baby is now safe and happy, and she has been given the name Lucky since… well, it’s obvious. She was really fortunate to have been discovered in the first place, considering how small she was and how high she was in the air!

What were the possibilities of that happening? She is, however, a warrior.

The noise up there must have been horrendous, but she wasn’t afraid, and she managed to cling tight to the beams. However, it is still uncertain how she managed to get to that location.

Maybe it was a case of animal cruelty, and someone just throw her like a piece of rubbish over the side of the road. In any case, we are happy that she is presently in good health.

After receiving a thorough veterinary examination, vaccinations, preventative measures, a microchip, and spaying, she was placed in an adoption program, where she eventually found her forever home. This cat is in a lucky position.

She found a new home… Despite the fact that it was a rocky ride. We send our best wishes to Lucky and her family.

Make sure you watch the video to see how unsecured the cat is!

By Elen

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