Nacho, Bobby Flay’s cat, who was 9 years old, passed away, as the celebrity chef revealed.

The chef from Food Network posted on Instagram on Tuesday, “It is with an absolute broken heart that I report Nacho has passed away peacefully,” referring to Nacho’s passing.

“I usually don’t post private family business but I truly believe he was everyone’s cat in some way,” concluded Flay, 58, as he paid loving homage to his beloved pet. “Nacho had a mystique that made him one of a kind and totally unique. He entered my life at a time when I needed him the most, and he brought joyous moment after joyful moment to my home.

In addition to the message, he included a picture of himself with an endearing Orange Maine Coon cat perched on his shoulder.

“As any cat owner would tell you, the connection between you and your kitty is genuine, and Nacho’s inclusivity in our family drove me to develop something that would nourish cats worldwide. As any cat parent will tell you, the communication between you and your kitty is real. “At this time, the only thing that brings me comfort is the realization that his image and legacy will be preserved in perpetuity through Made by Nacho,” the executive chef stated of the premium cat food he developed.
As he was about to end the post, Flay issued an appeal to all owners of pets to show their companion animals an increased level of affection today in light of his passing. “Please say a quick prayer for Nacho and give your animals an extra long, tight cuddle today. Thank you. They are very important to each and every one of us. Xo,” the message ended.

Friends and followers of the TV celebrity flocked to the comments section of the post after learning of the icon’s passing to express their condolences and show their support.

“I am very sorry. Danica McKellar, a former cast member of The Wonder Years, stated that losing a pet is one of the most difficult things, and Ina Garten, another famous chef, also had some touching thoughts on the topic. Oh, Bobby, I’m very sorry about that! “What a good life you gave him!!!,” she commented on her Instagram account.

In addition to receiving undivided affection from his owner and being the namesake of a brand of cat food, Nacho also has his very own Instagram account, which has a following of 273,000 people.

In the 2017 edition of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive, Flay was quoted as saying that Nacho had “doglike behavior for a cat.” He went on to say that “he’s incredibly affectionate with me and will follow you around like a dog would.”

It was said by Flay that the enormous Maine Coon was also a “food aficionado,” and he added, “He’s usually with me while I’m cooking. As a special bonus for him, I’ll cook the tail end of the piece of striped bass that I prepare for him.

Nacho is survived by his human sister, Sophie Flay, as well as his cat sister, Stella Flay, who is a white and brindle Maine Coon. Nacho’s father, Bobby Flay, is also still alive.

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