Despite the fact that this kitten was only two days old, it had already been abandoned and left alone and unprotected on the streets. It turned out, however, that the kitty was really fortunate! It was able to survive and find a loving family with whom to share its life.

Beth Waldenses from Florida heard about this baby cat and chose to help it because she knew the kitten wouldn’t be able to survive on its own.

Beth was a little worried when the kitten was brought to her because she was living with some bulldogs at the time. She had no idea how the enormous dogs would react to the arrival of the small animal. The dogs were really loving and gentle with the baby cat.

The new-found was given an amusing nickname – Little Shorty Pants – and was terribly afraid of being abandoned again after being found. Much to the kitten’s joy, it now lives with a huge family where she is completely loved, and it has two strong protectors who have broken through the stereotypes about cats and dogs being unfriendly toward one another.

Frenchy, one of the family’s two bulldogs, was the one that showed the most affection for the new member of the family. She walked up to it with care, licking her face as if it were her puppy.

Salvador, the second bulldog, looked after Little Shorty Pants so that the baby-cat wouldn’t run up to him at the first squeak of the doorbell. Mrs. Waldenses was both delighted and taken by surprise by what had happened.

After some time has passed, the newborn cat has grown and become stronger. Her eyes opened, and she immediately began entertaining the rest of the family with naughty tricks.

By Elen

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