A blind kitten managed to rescue from the County Durham streets has been met with his blind sibling.

RSPCA inspector Krissy Raine spotted the 14-week-old stray in Peterlee, County Durham, on Sunday (December 20).

In spite of losing his eyes because of cats sickness, Krissy’s kitten Gabriel remained healthy but had empty holes where his eyes used to be.

Krissy discovered her friend had recently taken a feral kitten from the same place, and they realized they were brothers.

Krissy described the reunion as an “incredibly touching moment” as the brothers quickly recognized one other.

Krissy shared her thoughts: “We were in for a really memorable and beautiful moment, and it was nice to think that Gabriel would have something familiar to hold onto on another planet.

It’s incredible that Gabriel made it through. I brought him to the vet, and they determined that he suffered from cat flu, which caused severe damage to his eyes, ultimately causing them to die. However, he is in excellent condition and required no treatment from the veterinarians.

Despite the fact that he came from a feral colony when I brought him to the veterinary, the staff was taken aback by how calm and sociable he was, and they fell in love with him immediately. We called him Gabriel because he is an amazing angel, and everyone who deals with him falls in love with him.

Earlier in the year, Krissy’s colleague, RSPCA Inspector Gemma Lynch, had rescued Gabriel’s brother, Arthur, from the same region.

After being saved, Arthur was in critical condition and required surgery to remove one of his eyes, which was also suspected to have been injured by cat flu. Fortunately, his second eye was salvaged during the procedure.

Currently, the couple is being cared for by the same foster family, and they will be seeking permanent homes in the near future.

“After discovering that she had saved his brother just a few weeks previously, Gemma was shocked, and we felt it was vital that they be reunited as soon as possible.

“Arthur was being cared for by a foster family, who were glad to know that his brother had been saved, and who welcomed him into their home with open arms and hearts.

They are both now with the same loving family, and they are both extremely calm, kind, and affectionate cats-little angels in their own right. Now that they have reunited, Arthur will be able to assist Gabriel through his life. ”

Their future home will be one in which they may live as indoor cats, and they will seek a place to do so together.

They will be looking for a home together in the future where they can live as indoor cats.

“After all that has transpired in 2020, this is such a nice story to share with folks as a message that pleasant things still happen on a daily basis,” Krissy said.

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