As a result of continued severe storms, including tornadoes, at least 21 individuals lost their lives throughout the course of the Memorial Day weekend, according to several news sites.

CNN claimed that the casualties were dispersed over the states of Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Texas simultaneously.
The Associated Press reports that seven people lost their lives in Cooke County, Texas, on Saturday, May 25. Additionally, eight more people lost their lives in Arkansas, while CNN reports that four people lost their lives in Kentucky on Sunday, May 26.

According to CNN, the victims of the weekend incident included four youngsters.
There were 25 tornadoes that were seen throughout five states, according to ABC News, and in addition to the losses, there were scores of others who were hurt.

According to statements made by Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to the media on Monday, “We ought to rally around them and do everything we can to carry them off.”

The local NBC 5 television station said that a tornado that blasted through a mobile home park in Texas resulted in the losses of more than a dozen people, including a mother and two children.

According to a cousin who spoke with the station, “they say they were waiting on their bathroom floor for the tornado to pass, but the wind picked up their mobile home and dragged them about 100 feet.”

According to CNN, there were around 110 million more people who were still at danger of suffering severe weather on Monday.

In addition, the federal Storm Prediction Center has verified that a fresh tornado watch was issued on Sunday, which will have an impact on more than 4.5 million people and will encompass regions in the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, was quoted as saying that more than a third of all of the counties in his state were under a disaster designation. This information was provided by the BBC.

The Storm Prediction Center has provided an update, which states that “severe thunderstorms are expected to be expected across parts of the lower Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast through Memorial Day.”

In addition, the National Weather Service issued a warning on Monday, May 27, stating that in addition to “dangerous heat” in certain regions of Texas and the Gulf Coast, including Florida, “severe thunderstorms and areas of heavy rain [will] impact much of the eastern United States… with isolated tornadoes possible in the eastern Mid-Atlantic.”

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