In the wake of Diddy’s fall from grace, there has been a growing number of calls to remove his star off the Hollywood Walk of Fame; however, the organization responsible for the award has not taken any action in this regard.

TMZ was informed by a spokeswoman for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce that the organization has not addressed the matter and that it is unable to affect the disappearance of the celebrity.

Although it is able to designate star recipients, produce and install stars upon receiving clearance from the city, and perform the ceremony for installing stars on the Walk of Fame, the Chamber of Commerce claims that it does not have the ability to remove stars from the Walk of Fame.

Therefore, despite the fact that seven civil cases have been filed against the celebrity, claiming sexual assault and other wrongdoings, as well as a federal criminal probe, the celebrity is not going away.

It has been suggested in the past that the stars of other celebrities, such as Bill Cosby and Donald Trump, should be removed from their positions. Although it was defaced on several occasions, Trump’s star was never removed.

The charges were vigorously refuted by Diddy, who had previously maintained that his accusers were driven by the almighty cash. However, this denial was completely blown out of proportion once the Cassie tape was made public.

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