Carrie Underwood’s journey to motherhood was not an easy one. She subsequently struggled to conceive a second kid since she felt awful that her first son wasn’t able to have a conventional upbringing.

Carrie Underwood rejected Mark Childers’ invitation to introduce her to his Canadian friend because she wasn’t looking for a marriage or a long-distance romance. Later, the singer made fun of the arrangement in a VH1 Behind the Music interview.

She got an international Canadian hockey player to demonstrate how difficult dating was for her! Childers wanted to connect the singer to Mike Fisher, a well-known player in the National Hockey League.

Underwood was afraid to go on a blind date with someone who lived so far away at the time since she lived in Franklin, Tennessee. She also feared that meeting him may be uncomfortable, so she carefully planned the perfect excursion.

The country singer asked Mike to meet her backstage at one of her performances. The encounter was casual and meaningful since the two had a fantastic physical connection.

After their encounter, Underwood, who was 25 at the time, contacted Childers to compliment the athlete on her beauty. Mike was 28 at the time. The star of the Ottawa Senators saw the artist and said that she was “more gorgeous in person than on TV.”

The relationship between Underwood and Mike became so intense that on December 20, 2009, the athlete proposed to his girlfriend at his home. The singer agreed, and the two sent out congratulations through SMS to their loved ones.

After his proposal, Mike told the Toronto Sun the next day: “It’s true. Both of us are obviously happy and excited. On July 10, 2010, at the Ritz-Carlton resort on Lake Oconee in Georgia, Underwood’s father assisted her as she made her way down the aisle and they exchanged vows.

Unexpectedly, Underwood had no desire to have children with her husband. The famous person earlier acknowledged that she had never been “a kid person” and was also not particularly good with other people’s children when questioned why she would be great with one of her own children.

However, everything changed when Mike and Underwood brought their son, Isaiah Michael, into the world on February 27, 2015, five years after their wedding. The singer said that she had a change of heart after having her child.

She knew she adored little Isaiah straight immediately. When Isaiah was four, the artist had to take him on tour due to her busy schedule, but whenever she had free time, the country singer would travel to fun places like Sesame Place.

In order to be a good mother, Underwood tried to balance her family and career. The Grammy Award winner described how her family’s situation in 2016 compared to other families’ situations.

She said that she was looking for a balance between everything and doing what was right for her children. The famous person said that her employment was “kind of strange” and that she regularly traveled.

However, Underwood confessed that it wasn’t easy: “I felt a bit terrible that he doesn’t experience a ‘normal’ babyhood.” The fourth-season “American Idol” winner outlined how she dealt with her guilt:

My friend said, “God gave him to you, and he knows what you do. You should be forgiving of yourself. As soon as she said it, I knew, “This is how it’s meant to be, so I shouldn’t worry too much.”

Mike’s wife spoke about how she gave her mothering and her profession in the entertainment industry all of her focus. She had hoped for a seamless transition, and she subsequently acknowledged that they were making decisions along the way.

After being blessed with a kid, Underwood regrettably had three losses while trying to conceive a second child. She admitted waiting for “things to stop hurting,” but she also made connections with others who had experienced similar situations and gave herself permission to grieve the loss.

“Those youngsters, whose lives were like a shooting star or a puff of smoke, will always make me sad. It still aches, but it’s almost like, “OK, I got this.” It was awful at the time.

After losing so many children, Underwood and Mike made another attempt. The former hockey player announced to his wife one day that they were expecting a second child, a boy they would name Jacob.

The country singer showed cynicism regarding his faith and questioned how he knew. At the time, Mike was pondering it and had been honest with God about his goals.

He described how he sensed God telling him that they will have another kid before disclosing who he was. According to Mike, Underwood and her husband learned about the biblical meaning of the name Jacob:

“In the story of Jacob, he wrestled with God all night and wouldn’t let go until he got his blessing,” says the author.

The ex-athlete said that he and his wife were serious and did not demand that God grant them the favor. The couple welcomed Jacob Bryan as their second son, fulfilling Mike’s prophesy.

Underwood shared three images from the hospital on her Instagram account on January 23, 2019, to announce the birth of the kid. She said that his family was ecstatic to see him and that he had come unusually early.

The family thanked God for giving them Jacob, whom she termed a “little miracle,” and for entrusting them with his care. Even though their hearts were full and their eyes were tired, the musician indicated that their lives had been forever changed.

She added that he was in charge of looking after their sons’ restroom requirements.
As the mother of two children, Underwood had to get used to her new position. In April 2019, she said that she and her family were still “finding our rhythm” and unsure of when they will do so.

Over the years, she has given her fans tidbits of her maternity tale. In a stunning Instagram photo that Underwood shared in June 2019 of her at a Cry Pretty Tour 360 soundcheck, Isaiah could be seen clutching a microphone.

She raved about how much she loved her job and how it was like taking a child to school every day. In September 2021, the famous person shared two Instagram photos and a video of Isaiah’s first baseball game.

Mike’s wife said that she felt more worried while watching him play hockey, much as she did with her husband. She was, however, impressed by how well he could strike and proud of him.

In 2021, Underwood shared a photo of her family of four dressed up for Halloween. She jokingly said in her post that she didn’t know who the three people in the picture were.

In May 2022, the singer posted a cute photo of her boys wearing Reflection jackets with their mother’s name on them. The famous person promised that she will return to Resorts World Las Vegas in 2023.

Despite the challenges, Underwood valued her role as a working mother. In an interview with People magazine, she previously called her life on the road with Mike and their children “a huge fantastic mess,” adding:

Being a mother has a way of making you believe that everything is possible for you. I also feel a bit older and wiser. It’s not my first time doing this.

The country singer routinely cracked jokes about leaving her spouse in care of the baby while traveling. He was tasked with taking care of their sons’ restroom requirements, she said.

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