Because of his role as Jason Walton in the television series “The Waltons,” Jon Walmsley became famous all over the world. After so many years have gone since the pilot episode of the program first aired, the previous actor has aged significantly and is no longer recognizable. These are the specifics of what the former actor had to say about his current appearance.

Jon Walmsley, an English multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter, is a dogged individual who worked his way up through the ranks of the entertainment business via dedication and perseverance.

During the course of his illustrious career, the legendary actor from Hollywood has been in a plethora of noteworthy works, one of which is the hit television series “The Waltons.”

Jon’s career was finally launched as a direct result of the success of the family program, which made the spectators happy. After a number of years had passed, the actor reached retirement age and is now enjoying his life to the fullest with his companion, Marion Walmsley.

On the other hand, before Marion came into the life of the icon, there was another lady, Lisa Harrison, whom Jon had married and lived with for nearly twenty years. Harrison, a brilliant actress, portrayed the role of Antoinette “Toni” Hazelton in “The Waltons,” who was the wife of the character Jason Walton, played by Jon.

They had their first encounter in the latter half of the 1970s, and just a few short months later, they got romantically linked with one another. Harrison did move in at some point, and by the summer of 1979, the exes were walking down the aisle to start their new lives together.

The event took place in front of “The Waltons” cast members and crew at a ceremony held outside in Malibu. Following the ceremony, the couple traveled to the home of Michael Learned, also known as Mama Walton, for the celebration.

Following in the footsteps of previous performances, Jon and Harrison gave a performance at the reception. There is no question that it was a dazzling occasion.

Their only child, Miriam Walmsley Wadick, was born a few years after the couple had exchanged their wedding vows and became a married couple. Jon and Harrison would have a happy marriage with their daughter for the following two decades thanks to their daughter.

However, it was impossible for their union to last forever. The Hollywood actors divorced in 2008, after having been married for a total of 29 years. A closer look at what’s going on in Jon Walmsley’s romantic life right now is provided below.

Jon was able to find the one true love of his life.

Three weeks following the dissolution of his marriage to Harrison, Jon wed his second wife, Marion Walmsley, and became a married man for the second time. The pair has been married for more than ten years, and their love for one another only seems to grow stronger with time.

The artist and his wife celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary in August of 2021, and Jon wrote a touching article to commemorate the occasion. He went on Facebook and uploaded an attractive picture of himself and Marion, along with a caption that read as follows:

Marion, the love of my life, I want to wish you a happy “lucky 13th” anniversary. I guess she likes me too.”

One year later, in August 2022, the happy couple celebrated yet another milestone, which brought their total number of years married to 14. In general, it seems like a good idea for Jon and Marion to get together. Repeatedly, evidence of the couple’s affection for one another has been shown through photographs that have been widely shared on social media.

On Thanksgiving Day in 2018, for instance, Jon posted a photo on his Instagram account of Marion giving him a peck on the cheek as he was sporting a huge grin. The following caption was added by the musician:

“I’m grateful to have this lady in my life. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving on behalf of Marion and me!

Another image from December 2018 on the couple’s Facebook page showed them seemingly having a wonderful time in London’s Seven Dials and Covent Garden neighborhood. While they were posing for the adorable selfie, they smiled from ear to ear the whole time.

Jon is not working as an actor anymore and prefers to lead a private life.

Four decades after the first episode of “The Waltons” was broadcast, Jon is now in his fifties and has a very different appearance. Because he wanted to concentrate on his profession as a musician, he gave from acting and retired. “Goin’ To Clarksdale” was the name of the entertainment icon’s first solo blues album, which was released in 2017.

During this time, it seems that Jon is having the time of his life with Marion in North Cornwall. In 2018, the producer made the decision to relocate to the British City, and he does not seem to have any second thoughts about his choice.

According to Jon, he and Marion had been making trips to the city for a number of years before to moving forward, and throughout that time, they started to develop a sense of belonging there. In addition to this, he stated:

“The sea, the coastal route, the moors, the woodlands, the farms, the sheep, cows, and wild ponies, as well as the delicious cuisine, are some of our favorite things about this area.”

Despite the fact that he has gained fame and money, Jon prefers to keep a low profile and remain incognito wherever possible. This is in addition to his passion for the city itself. To quote him directly:

“Since I made significant changes to my appearance a few years ago, people don’t recognize me since I don’t look anything like I did on The Waltons.” Because I am such a people watcher, this works out very well for me.”

Jon continued by saying, “People have a tendency to act differently when they are near a celebrity.” I really like striking up discussions with total strangers, and I’d much rather be evaluated based on my own abilities than on anybody else’s prejudices about me.

Both Jon and Marion like exploring new places.

Since Jon and Marion’s relocation to Cornwall, the pair has made significant efforts to adapt to their new surroundings and lifestyles. The pair is making every effort to integrate into their new community, such as by establishing a bank account, purchasing a vehicle, and enrolling with the National Health Services.

Jon and his lovely wife share the passion that many people have for seeing new places, and they have no intention of changing that. The duo is avid travelers, and everytime they go somewhere new, the actor from “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day” posts images from their adventures on Facebook for his fans to see.

In one of the postings, Jon and Marion could be seen wearing either a black or a purple jacket, depending on their preference. They were also wearing sunglasses while striking a pose in front of a body of water. Even though the photo didn’t include a caption, a few people on Facebook commented on how gorgeous the couple looked.

Jon’s pursuit of a career in music is one of the reasons for his travels, in addition to his desire to just have some fun. The singer performs performances in a variety of locations and uses these engagements as an excuse to travel.

In the end, it is reasonable to conclude that Jon’s successful career has not been adversely impacted by his decision to relocate. The celebrity in the entertainment industry is still creating waves, and we can only hope that he will continue to make his followers happy for a very long time to come.

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