The program “The X Factor” is very well-liked and is watched by people from all over the globe. The music competition that is shown on television was conceived of by Simon Cowell, and it gained its success in the United Kingdom, when it was first broadcast in the year 2004. Contestants on “The X Factor” are not only competing for the chance to win a recording deal, but they are also on the program with the hopes of gaining notoriety just by participating on the show. After winning, a significant number of participants go on to become well-known performers.

Back in 2012, when Willie Jones, then 17 years old and from Louisiana, went on stage to audition for the show, all of the judges began to chuckle. However, it didn’t take long until they were completely taken aback by the young man’s voice.

Willie Jones, who was just 17 years old at the time, was able to make the judges laugh very immediately when he appeared on the program in the United States. Right immediately, the judges took a like to his temperament because of the way he carried himself. The sound that was about to come out of his lips, on the other hand, was one that they were quite unprepared for.

When the song began, Jones surprised everyone by catching them off guard. To add insult to injury, not only was the live studio audience stunned, but it was also clear that the judges were completely unaware of what was taking on. All of this was due to the fact that Jones started singing an incredible country tune. Jones was able to sing the song with a pitch and twang that were just ideal for the south. During the time when Jones was performing his song on stage, the judges were unable to believe what they were hearing. They looked at each other in disbelief as he proceeded to wow the crowd with his flawless voice all throughout the performance. The fact that he would have to go to the following round was something that they were well aware of.

A well-known fact about Simon Cowell is that he never sugarcoats anything. When it comes to his interactions with the candidates, he does not hold back, even when the words he uses are ones that they may not want to hear. The voice that he was hearing, on the other hand, was something that he adored, and he was prepared to share his thoughts with Jones.

“You’ve gone beyond my expectations, you’ve surprised me,” Simon commented on. “I think your voice is a sensational recording voice and I want to remember this time, the first time I heard Willie Jones—this is a day to remember.”

The lyric “Your Man:” from the popular song “Your Man” by Josh Turner was originally performed by Jones eight years ago. “Baby, lock the doors and turn the lights down low,” announces the “The X Factor” television show. He was finally removed from the game, despite the fact that he was a well-liked participant and captured the hearts of a great number of people, which allowed him to advance in the competition. Despite this, his musical adventure did not come to a stop there.

The 26-year-old musician is said to “blend country music topics and cadences with the confessional, first-person styling of underground hip-hop,” as stated by the Boot. This gives his sound a new genre that is nearly wholly unique to him and is interesting to listen to. His sound is a remarkable example of this.

The fact that Jones now resides in Shreveport is something that he takes great pride in, yet he regularly goes to Los Angeles in order to create his music and collaborate with producers. Moreover, Jones was a participant in a Netflix original reality program called “Chasing Cameron,” which focuses on the lives of Cameron Dallas, a social media influencer, as well as members of the music group Magcon and Willie Jones himself, according to the Shreveport Times.

Jones gave an interview to the Shreveport Times in which he discussed the changes that have occurred in his life since he was on “The X Factor.” “There have been big changes. Now, people are aware of who I am. According to him, “Opportunity comes along with the notoriety.”

He went on to say, “You can’t permit yourself to become arrogant and let it get to your head.” In particular, my audition for ‘X Factor’ became viral in such a short amount of time, and everybody who knows anything about it is still aware of it to this day… I had just graduated from high school then, and I’ve been working in this field ever since, so I’ve seen a lot of people’s transformations. In the same way that I feel that I’ve changed, I believe that they have changed in a bad way, allowing the spotlight and recognition to affect them. One of the most important things you can learn is to have a modest attitude and a pleasant demeanor, and chances will surely come your way.

According to him, “A lot of people go on those shows and give up because they didn’t win.” He is aware of how fortunate he has been, and he attributes this to his passion and persistence. It is so simple to be disheartened; I had this feeling when I was eliminated from X Factor. On the other hand, with God and my family for support, I am able to keep my head up and get started right away.

During his interview, he expressed his affection for his birthplace, adding that “the Southern hospitality in Louisiana is something that definitely has been instilled in me and something that my mother beat into me.” One thing that sets myself and my buddies who are from the south up here in Los Angeles and work in the music business apart from others is this. “We are young men and women who are worthy of respect.”

As Jones disclosed, dividing his time between Shreveport and Los Angeles has both advantages and disadvantages. “When I’m in Los Angeles, I utilize Uber quite frequently, and when I’m in Shreveport, I enjoy driving,” he said. I sometimes simply drive to get my thoughts out of my head. Moreover, I miss a great deal since there is only one Louisiana, and the culture in this part of the country and the culture in that part of the country are very different. I miss my family, my friends, and the bar.

Jones is also a great supporter of black performers making a home for themselves in the country music landscape, which is something that is not only important to him but also very personal.

“Ever since I began singing country music when I was 14 years old, I have been looking forward to experiencing it. There are many individuals who are similar to me who have a variety of tales and who prefer to convey their story via music. Priscilla Renea is doing her thing with guys like Kane Brown, Lil Nas X, and Blanco Brown, who is also a member of the Brown family. Colored, her most recent album, is just insane. He disclosed this information to the Boot. “It’s wonderful to see black people coming in and adding their swag and their twang to country music,” he said.

The goals that Jones has set for himself in the future are very obvious, and he has very definite ambitions. He said, “My objective is to simply release music that is dope.” I’m not sure if I want to be signed or if I want to have to do it on my own. But all I want to do is create insane music, take my music on tour throughout the globe, and ultimately start selling apparel… And just continuing to work in the music business while motivating others to improve their performance. This is my life, and this happens to be my work.

Jones is pleased with his life since he is just where he wants to be. “I’m slowly seeing my dreams come true right before my eyes and it’s pretty cool,” he said. Jones seemed to be comfortable with his life. The fact that individuals are able to pursue their aspirations and succeed in spite of the challenges they encounter is really remarkable. You are able to view Willie’s audition down below to get a glimpse of how everything got started!

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