The iconic song Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen bears added weight during the Christmas season, which is a time when everyone definitely thinks about the beauty in life and what it means to be near to people who you love. Although it is lovely when it is performed throughout the year, it holds more significance at this time of year.

For this reason, nobody knew what to anticipate when three youngsters appeared on the stage of The Voice Kids: Germany in 2014 to perform a rendition of the legendary song by Leonard Cohen. In the beginning, Simon, the little child who had begun singing, began singing on his own, displaying his exceptionally developed voice that was able to comprehend the lyrics of the song.

The following events, on the other hand, will blow your mind.

After Simon has finished singing the chorus, one of the females joins in and contributes wonderful harmonies to the song. Thereafter, the song moves on to the second verse, which is just stunning. What is perhaps more remarkable about this rendition is that not only do they sing the song with wonderful voices, but they also deliver the lyrics with such a strong sense of conviction.

It is not often that you come across someone singing the song with such fervor that you become convinced that they have a genuine comprehension of the words, which were first written by Leonard Cohen when he was about 50 years old. Because of this, it is much more astonishing to listen to those great words performed by toddlers, since they are able to effectively transmit a song that it most likely took Cohen decades of life to fully comprehend.

However, the conclusion is the most enjoyable portion. Following a crescendo that builds to a rousing conclusion, the children sing a stunning final chord that is beautifully harmonized. Additionally, their arrangement contains many sorts of harmony and vocal leading that are so impressive that they allow their skills to shine through.

However, you shouldn’t just take our word for it; instead, you should look at it for yourself and listen to their stunning performance of Hallelujah!

By Elen

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