Maya came into the world with microphthalmia, which affected the development of one of her eyes and resulted in the eye being smaller than the other. Despite the fact that Maya had a regular upbringing and had been affected by this issue from birth, she was subjected to bullying from her peers because of her looks.

With the intention of bringing about a change in this circumstance, Lauren, Maya’s mother, was resolute in her determination to take any and all measures required to give her daughter a more “normal” look. At the age of three, Maya was the first person in the United Kingdom to have a series of procedures that were considered to be pioneering. Among these surgeries, she received an eye prosthetic that was constructed from fat that was extracted from her belly.

At the age of nine, Maya has had a total of twenty-four eye operations, each of which has resulted in noticeable scars and sutures. Despite the fact that she was given an eye prosthesis when she was one year old, the weight of the device had a detrimental influence on her face characteristics.

As a result of these surgical procedures, Maya’s family is now raising money to purchase a bionic eye. The family is working along with the only expert in the United States who is capable of developing such eyes, and this individual is based in the United States.

As a result of Maya’s looks, Lauren’s objective is to provide daughter with a childhood that is free from being teased and excluded. Despite the difficulties, Maya has developed a sense of self-assurance, most of which can be attributed to her participation in football.

It was Lauren’s observation that Maya had an interest in women’s football that motivated her to sign up for the school’s football team’s roster. Maya’s participation in football is more than just a pastime; it helps her develop her talents, confidence, and sense of self-worth, not just in the game but also in her everyday life.

As Lauren underlines, Maya’s participation in football is more than simply a hobby; it is a source of self-assurance that has shaped her idea that women, just like men, are capable of doing incredible things. Lauren, who has been there for her daughter through the difficulties, particularly when Maya became the focus of attention owing to her uncommon characteristics, finds she is filled with delight when she sees Maya smiling after the match.

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