Does your youngster like being tickled? Before you tickle someone, do you make sure to get their permission first via a request? For the sake of debate, here is what one mother has brought on the table before us.

Lottie Daley, who is a close friend of comedian Russell Brand and who happens to be his mother, recently made an appearance on the television program ‘This Morning’ to discuss this subject. As a kid becomes a little bit older, Lottie explains that you learn about the concept of bodily autonomy and how to get permission from a youngster. She is of the opinion that you should instead demonstrate the conduct from the moment you are born forthwith.

She suggests that you should inform your kid that you will be changing their diaper and that you will be doing so. It is important that you make children aware of their body and to remind them that it is their body and not yours.

Whether they respond with a “yes” or “no” is not really the point of the matter. Establishing a routine of checking in with your kid to ascertain whether or not they are content with the events that are taking place or the actions that you are doing toward them is essential. Following this, Lottie goes on to explain that the topic of permission has to be addressed long before the adolescent years start.

She provides more information on the ways in which you may address these concerns with your children. The fact that her kids seem to be uncomfortable with the idea of being tickled by individuals who are not their mother is something that she discusses. She indicates that she asks her children whether they like being tickled, and they respond with a “yes” to the question. But when asked whether they would be okay with someone else tickling them, they reacted with a “no” without hesitation. The reason for this was the dread of not knowing the person, as well as the fact that it was not their mother.

Another individual who was there in the studio on that particular day had a different point of view. The feeling that Vanessa Feltz had was that tickling is nothing more than pure affection. She is of the opinion that it is a great disappointment to be unable to tickle a youngster since you are not on their terms when it comes to tickling.

Her statement is that it is a love that is pure and unadulterated. When you make physical contact with your child, it should be done in a way that is both affectionate and fun. This demonstrates to them that you truly care about them, and as a result, they will love you even more. She does not consider this to be an invasion of their personal space in any way.

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