It was only two years ago that Lindsay was given a diagnosis of a rare and incurable condition. Her parents had first misdiagnosed her illness as a normal cold. At the age of 28, she was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, which was characterized by the presence of benign tumors in her brain, nerves, and spinal cord.

Among the symptoms that Lindsay exhibited were unusual birthmarks and a limb that was formed like the letter “S.” Even after undergoing twenty operations throughout her youth, she continues to walk with the assistance of a brace.

She embraced life, got married, and had a kid despite the fact that she was experiencing difficulties with her own health. Due to her lack of knowledge about the genetic inheritance, she did not undertake tests when she was pregnant. A diagnosis was established during a visit to the doctor when her son Bryson, who was only four weeks old at the time, began exhibiting symptoms, one of which was a tumor located above his eye. Since that time, Bryson has been admitted to the hospital more than eighty times, where he has had various treatments, including chemotherapy and surgery.

Despite the difficulties, Lindsay is using social media to spread awareness about the uncommon genetic disorders that she and her family members have. She admits that the difficulty has been difficult, but she underlines that it has helped her relationship with her kid become stronger.

By Elen

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