A series on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce is being produced by ABC News, and the interview is being conducted with the wife of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce.

The in-laws of Kylie Kelce are being embraced by her. The wife of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce is contributing her voice to a new special that is about her brother-in-law, Travis Kelce, who plays tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and his friendship with the pop superstar Taylor Swift.

On the occasion of a kids field hockey clinic that Kylie sponsored in Kansas City in advance of the brothers’ NFL game earlier this month, ABC News conducted an interview with Kylie, who had previously competed in collegiate athletics. She discussed her experience of marrying into the Kelce family during the sit-down conversation that took place today.

“I was on the outside at the beginning because I married in,” according to her. “And the most amazing part is that I was welcomed in with open arms.”

2018 was the year that Kylie and Jason tied the knot. They have three daughters together: Wyatt, who is four years old, Elliotte, who is two years old, and Bennett, who is nine months old.

She remarked of the Kelce family, “They are a pretty small family, so it is a little bit of an adjustment,” referring to the Kelce family. “However, you get the impression that it is so cozy and welcoming, much like the way a large family feels, that it was almost like it was second nature to go in there. And it is just as enjoyable as you imagine it to be.

The characteristics of the brothers are also discussed by Lisa Salters, a sideline reporter for ESPN’s Monday Night Football. She describes them as “the most real, down to earth, fun-loving, completely different guys that you ever want to meet.”

Not just among Swifties but also among football fans, Donna Kelce, who is the mother of Travis and Jason, has become something of a celebrity in her own right. During her personal interview for the program, she was questioned about whether or not she ever believed that she would become as popular as she is now.

“Not without them, that’s for sure,” she stated in reference to her twin boys. “I think it’s just one of those things in life that just, somehow things happen and then exponentially they just grow and this year has been just one week after another after another and it just seems like it’s never gonna stop.”

Both Jason and Travis Kelce have established themselves as prominent figures in the world of professional football, which has contributed to the continuous growth in popularity of the Kelce family. For his part, Jason recently participated in a documentary on Prime called Kelce, which was about his 2022-2023 season, which ended with a historic Super Bowl matchup versus his brother.

Not only did Travis make an appearance in Kelce, but he also made an appearance in the documentary on Netflix titled Quarterback, which was about his Kansas City Chiefs colleague Patrick Mahomes and the 2022-2023 season for their club. During the month of March, Travis also had the opportunity to host Saturday Night Live.

The Kelces family is now the subject of greater attention than ever before as a result of Travis’s high-profile relationship with Taylor.

What is going on between Travis and Taylor is going incredibly well, according to a source who spoke to ET on Wednesday. Their partnership is making wonderful strides in the right direction. During the time that she is taking a vacation from touring, Taylor intends to reside at Travis’ home in Kansas City for a much longer period of time.

The two of them are extremely thrilled to be together, and Travis is making sure that Taylor is comfortable and feels like she is at home inside the relationship. They are real in their affections for one another, and they have mutual respect and regard for one another, according to the source.

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