In a video that has gone viral and received four million views, a mother of twins has demonstrated how she uses makeup artistry to modify her appearance.
During the course of the TikTok video, the stunning mother acknowledges that the metamorphosis is “Catfish Level 1000,” as she seamlessly transitions from a makeup-free look to a luxurious one.

Her cosmetics videos have garnered hundreds of favorable comments, with other ladies applauding ‘Lashes And Losing’ for her honest before and after changes. Her films have even been seen by thousands of people. Courtney made the observation, “It’s not a catfish; it’s just an artist.”

@lashesandlosing Catfish Level 1000 – The faces I’m really way too comfortable on this app 😳 #fyp #makeup ♬ Up down Pacer test – Apak

On the other hand, there are a great number of guys who have acted badly toward the mother of twin daughters. False advertising at its most egregious level. One person made a remark that asked, “Are we accepting people for who they are not?” Nevertheless, there were an equal number of ladies who were prepared to take the field for the gifted mother.

Serra Elle was quoted as saying, “If a man cannot tell that women look different with or without makeup, then you know you should throw away the entire man.”

Using her own YouTube channel, the mother answered the negative comments that were made. “It’s a lot to put myself out there like this, but if it makes anybody else feel better, I’m here for it,” she added. “I’m here for anybody who needs to feel better.” Allow them to troll and say anything they want to say.

She also disclosed the circumstances behind the loss of her front teeth, elaborating that she now wears a “flipper,” which is a detachable retainer, in order to create the impression that she has teeth.

I was involved in a little accident that resulted in the loss of my teeth; I won’t go into more detail about it. Due to the fact that I made contact with anything, they went loose, and I was had to have them entirely removed. That is the way things transpired. They were incredibly ugly in the past, to the point that it was humiliating, and for that, I am really thankful. Yes, it may seem ridiculous, but it is accurate.

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