Last year, the singer and Brandon Blackstock reached a divorce agreement that was formalized.
In the continuing divorce proceedings between Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock, the GRAMMY-winning singer has emerged triumphant in a recent court fight over claimed overcharging by Blackstock, who also functioned as her manager. The dispute pertains to Blackstock’s alleged practices of charging excessive fees.

As stated in the most recent decision made by a labor commissioner in the state of California, Blackstock exceeded his authority as a manager in order to get a variety of lucrative jobs and arrangements for Michelle Clarkson.

ET was able to collect legal papers that demonstrate that Blackstock beyond the scope of his responsibilities by organizing concerts and signing contracts for the celebrity on many platforms, including The Voice, Norwegian Cruise Line, Wayfair, and as the presenter of the Billboard Music Awards.

Taking into consideration the judgment made by the commissioner, it is clear that, with very few exceptions, only agents are authorized to legally acquire such assignments for talent. As a consequence of this consequence, Blackstock has been ordered to give over commissions to his ex-wife that amount to a total of $2,641,374.

It is important to note that the papers reveal that Blackstock received a total of $1.98 million in commissions for Clarkson’s participation on The Voice, yet the fee he received for her hosting duties at the Billboard Music Awards was just $93.30. Although he has suffered a setback, Blackstock has said that he intends to appeal the decision against him.

First to break the news was the website TMZ.

Clarkson and Blackstock had been married for seven years when the singer decided to file for divorce in the year 2020. The legal drama is only one chapter in the developing tale of the divorce, which was instigated by the singer. In March of 2022, the divorce was legally formalized, and as part of the settlement, Clarkson was able to acquire the Montana property that had been the subject of intense contention.

According to the terms of the divorce agreement, Clarkson was required to pay Blackstock a total of $1.3 million and to make a monthly contribution of $45,000 in child support for their two children, who are about 9 and 7 years old. In addition, Blackstock was awarded spousal support in the amount of $115,000 per month, with the agreement scheduled to expire in January of 2024. Nevertheless, Clarkson has been awarded a financial victory as a result of the current verdict, which has the effect of reducing some of the continuing financial commitments.

Not only did Clarkson keep ownership of the Montana ranch, but he also kept ownership of the family dogs, many automobiles, including a Ford Bronco, a Ford F-250, and a Porsche Cayenne, and he even kept an unexpected property, which was a flying simulator.

According to reports, the commissioner did not accept Clarkson’s assertion about the money that Blackstock was given in exchange for obtaining her talk program, The Kelly Clarkson program. The profits that Blackstock makes from that specific business will be kept by the company.

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