The ability to gaze into the heart and soul of another person is essential to the development of genuine affection for another person. Whether two individuals are intended to be together or not, it may be determined by the character of each individual, including how they treat their partners in a romantic partnership. The unfortunate reality is that societal expectations of physical attractiveness continue to impose pressure on everyone. One guy, however, demonstrated that not all individuals hold the same beliefs by deciding that his love for a lady extended beyond the superficial and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

In October of 2018, a guy called Edmilson Alcantara from CearĂ¡, Brazil, became viral as a result of his love for his girlfriend Karine de Souza, who had a rare skin ailment. Edmilson adored his girlfriend despite her illness. Since de Souza’s ailment isn’t an average skin disease but rather one that had people discriminating against her, their tale especially touched the hearts of many people. This is because de Souza’s condition had people treating her differently.

Since she was born with the disorder known as xeroderma pigmentosum, which was identified as the source of her ailment when she was 3 years old, some people began to refer to her as a “monster.”

During an interview in April 2020 with the publication Really, de Souza said, “We have already read numerous unpleasant comments calling me a monster, malformed, and a zombie.”

Due to her very unusual illness, she was lacking in the DNA system that assists in the healing of skin damage. Because of the possibility that she may get skin cancer as a result of being exposed to UV radiation, she was prohibited from having any such exposure.

Because of this, she spends the most of her time inside, avoiding exposure to sunlight except when she has to go to the doctor, and lathering on sunscreen with an SPF rating of 100 every two hours.

De Souza has had a number of surgical operations to get each of her lesions removed ever since she was first identified when she was just three years old.

Even though her disease is caused by her genes and is not infectious, some people can’t help but gaze at her while others avoid her completely.

Karine expressed her discomfort by saying, “I am the subject of a lot of stares, a lot of people gazing at me, and some of them removing themselves from the situation.”

Nonetheless, de Souza said that she could not be more grateful to her family, who played an important role in the course of her trip.

According to what she said with The Epoch Times, “My family was extremely important to me while I was growing up; they were constantly by my side, assisting me whenever it was required, particularly my parents.”

In spite of her illness, de Souza was able to find the love of her life. In January of 2018, he first initiated conversation with Alcantara. De Souza said, “He gave me a friend request, and I accepted it, but I had no idea that I was going to meet the great love of my life.” Over a period of five months, they at last confronted one another in person. De Souza said, “I fell in love with him, and he really is an incredible guy.”

On the other side, Alcantara stated that he was captivated by de Souza’s narrative, especially the resilience that she shown throughout it all. He fell in love with her because of it. After being married in July 2019, Alcantara has now been a doting father to Gabrielly, Kauanny, and Gabriel, who are de Souza’s three children from a previous relationship.

The mother also said that some have thought that she must be wealthy and that she may thus be considered Alcantara’s “sugar mommy.” Nevertheless, she preferred to brush such assumptions and assumptions aside.

In addition to her duties as a housewife, Alcantara also employed as a waitress at a local eatery. De Souza was very happy to express, “I am a great housewife; I love to take care of the home, and I love to cook,” both of which she enjoys doing.

She also left a note for anybody who may be having concerns that genuine love is real, which said, “Love exists, trust me!

” She also shared some words of encouragement with others who are struggling with uncertainty in their lives. “Never give up on yourself, never stop believing in brighter days. And above everything else, have trust,” she emphasized at the end of her statement.

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