Dutchess is a sweet shelter dog with a lovely face and a sizable heart. Since being turned over to Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) when she was 4 years old, Dutchess has spent each day hoping the right person will visit her kennel.

Dutchess waited for her new parents for more than a month, keeping her nose pressed against the kennel door. Her tail wagged with eagerness whenever she’d hear someone coming, but they always appeared to go past her without so much as a glance.

Dutchess was unable to comprehend why she was being passed over, but her OCAS buddies had a theory. The dog was born with two cysts under her eyes the size of pom-poms, and unfortunately, bystanders were criticizing her for them.

OCAS stated in a Facebook post that it only has one effect on the woman: People can’t seem to get past it. “The difficult part is hearing people say things like, “She looks so ugly. ‘What’s wrong with her? She’ll never get adopted.’”

Friends at OCAS who knew Dutchess to be an awesome dog were disappointed to see how many people disregarded her. All they wished for was Dutchess to locate the residence she had been searching for.

Dutchess absolutely adores everyone, which is the heartbreaking part, OCAS wrote. Every day, she approaches the kennel doors eager for a fresh day and with unwavering optimism.

Thankfully, someone from Rescue Dogs Dream, Inc. (RDD) came across OCAS’s post about Dutchess on Facebook, and they instantly leaped into action. Dutchess was picked up from OCAS and transported to a warm foster home in less than 48 hours.

“This sweet girl got her freedom right out of Orange County Animal Services and into a loving foster home yesterday,” RDD wrote in a Facebook post. “She is doing great and is happy to be free.”

A few weeks later, RDD posted on Facebook, “They recently lost one of their fur babies and had been looking for the right fit.” “They knew instantly [that] Duchess was the one for them.”

Dutchess met a new veterinarian before going to her forever home who was worried about the cysts under her eyes. She wouldn’t allow anyone to touch them, so he worried that since they were in her line of sight, they were upsetting her.

“Although not harmful, they still [need] to be removed …” RDD wrote in another post on Facebook.

A week later, Dutchess’ cysts were successfully removed. Following surgery, the puppy went right to her foster home to recover, and a few hours later, her future family was chosen.

Dutchess, later renamed Lena, was elated to finally have the family of her dreams. Her new parents and dog brother made her feel completely loved from the moment she met them, despite the fact that she still needed some time to recover.

It wasn’t long before Lena was fully recovered and ready to go on adventures with her family. Now, Lena’s enjoying her best life with her favorite people by her side. The devoted dog has fallen head over love for her new family, and the feeling is absolutely mutual.

“She’s so nice [and] simply loves to play and be around us all the time,” Lena’s parents told RDD, which they shared later on in a Facebook update. “She is a great girl, and we love

It’s been a few months since Lena’s friends at RDD have seen her in person, but the euphoria they feel from watching her goals come true still hasn’t worn off.

RDD wrote, “We’re so happy for our special girl. “She will be loved and cherished for the beautiful pup that she is for the rest of her life!”

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