Videos like “Glow up” or “Transformation” are becoming more popular on social media platforms as individuals share earlier images of themselves before displaying their current appearance.

With so many movies being submitted, it’s may be hard to be noticed – but one woman’s video has racked up more than 15 million views on TikTok after she unveiled her radical ‘new look’.

The transformation of Jaqueline Alarco’s teeth from a set of crooked, overlapping teeth that protruded from her mouth to a set of pearly whites that most people can only hope to achieve led to the internet sensation that is now known as “going viral.”

She added the following description to the video: “Before and after I married a dental surgeon.”

Jaqueline, who is from Brazil, has more than 151,000 followers on TikTok and 15,000 on Instagram. As a result of the metamorphosis, the clip was extensively shared, and many were left surprised.

The film was watched by millions upon millions of people, and it received more than 10,000 comments in addition to its widespread distribution.

Several people were struck speechless, and one of them wrote: “Incredible!! I am pleased that he was able to help you with that.”

Someone another said, “Oh, that’s a light up!”

According to, cosmetic surgeons and other beauty specialists even posted it on their social media accounts in order to express their admiration for the effort.

After an increasing number of people saw Jaqueline’s video, several came forward to suggest that the metamorphosis may have been staged, since many individuals said that such a change was “impossible.”

And it ended out that their skepticism was warranted all along.

After the “transformationmeteoric “‘s rise in popularity on the internet, Jaqueline has recently come clean about the fact that she playfully faked it by donning a pair of false teeth.

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