Lucas McCulley has developed a fresh perspective on life.

A lymphangioma tumor weighing 8 pounds was removed from the face of the 23-year-old guy from Idaho who just went through a grueling five-hour operation for the procedure. The remarkable change of McCulley was detailed in the episode of The Doctors that aired on Monday.

The trip that McCulley has been on has been somewhat arduous. In addition to undergoing 24 surgeries prior to the age of 10, he also had to deal with constant pain as a result of the tumor, in addition to other health issues such as blurry vision and a burst eardrum.

But ever since the procedure, McCulley has made remarkable progress.

“I used to have a lot of agonies, but compared to that, I don’t experience any pain at all today. I don’t experience that when I first wake up. I don’t bring it into bed with me at night. “I don’t wake up throughout the night,” he said to Dr. Travis Stork how he sleeps through the whole night. “I’m able to try out new things like swimming without any discomfort… It’s like living in a whole other universe.”

Sheri, McCulley’s mother, expressed her astonishment to Dr. Stork at her son’s development. According to what she claimed, “We probably went through 100 ibuprofen a week down to zero.” “He’s reached such a new level of self-reliance recently. He has left the house. He’s acquired a new dog.”

Dr. Gregory Levitin, who is the Director of Vascular Birthmarks and Malformations at Mount Sinai in New York City, was the one who carried out the treatment. He described it as being “far riskier than planned.” He referred to McCulley’s tumor as “really onerous” and stated it drained the body of its energy. According to Dr. Levity, when this particular form of tumor is removed from a patient, the patient’s energy level often increases, he sleeps better, and it “truly is a full shift in the quality of life.”

The sentiment was shared fully by McCulley.

“Without having that burden on you is a very other experience… “it’s something that I never believed would happen and yet it did,” said McCulley. “it’s something that I never dreamed would happen.” “Pretty much everything has improved as a result of these changes.”

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