Since Great Danes have among of the biggest canine paws, it should not come as a surprise that they have problems finding shoes that are comfortable for them. Hooch, a dog, had a very different experience when she got her paws on a pair of counterfeit Crocs. Hooch’s dogs bark less when they are presented with these eye-catching slides, which are crafted from a material that is similar to PEVA.

The dog’s mother, Holly Smith, discovered the blue dog “Crocs” online and came to the conclusion that Hooch need them in order to protect her sensitive paw pads. At the very least, Smith was conscious of the fact that the crazy shoes would make for an entertaining picture session. She was taken aback when her dog developed feelings for them and she couldn’t explain why.

As soon as Smith tied the canine Crocs on Hooch’s feet, Hooch had an overwhelming want to display her new footwear. She often wears boots to protect her paws from the elements of the outdoors; yet, the perforated and vented clogs gave her a sensation that was entirely foreign to her.

When I had put them on, Smith told The Dodo that “she was immediately eager,” so we HAD to go for a test walk after putting them on.

Hooch didn’t want to take a leisurely walk in her Crocs; rather, she had her sights set on running.

In addition to the admiration she had garnered from the locals, her feet had a bright blue color (even more than the pony-sized dog usually gets).

Smith also said that she had affection for them. As she is wearing them, she draws greater attention to herself.”

Even though Hooch has just one pair of Crocs at the present, she wears them on a daily basis and is prepared to collect every color of rubber-soled dog clog there is.

While Hooch’s clogs have unquestionably garnered the most of the attention both online and in person, they are not the only trendy footwear or wardrobe option that she has.

She is much like her canine and feline siblings in that she enjoys donning festive attire for the holidays and other special events. In this picture, she is seen celebrating Thanksgiving with her animal companions.

And here they are, getting into the spirit of the holiday by dressing up as elves.

For Halloween, she portrayed a thoroughbred by exaggerating her horselike dimensions and leaning into her horselike proportions.

Despite her enormous size, Hooch has a kind and kind nature. She takes pleasure in meeting new people, playing with pups (especially younger canines), spending time with her mother and brothers, and demonstrating the most up-to-date looks she has chosen to wear.

In spite of her best attempts, she can’t help but take pleasure in all the attention that comes with her recent rise to fame.

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