There are many wonderful noises in the world, such as the soft footsteps of a loved one coming closer or the crinkling sound of a treatment package being opened, but there is one sound in particular that will always be the most important.

Just ask this pooch called Guddu.

The other day, Guddu’s owners uploaded a video on social media that included an amazing clip of the lovely puppy reacting to the treasured sound.

In the video, Guddu can be seen getting a phone call, to which he responds by giving his whole attention right away. The inquisitive dog can’t help but recognize the voice on the other end of the line, despite the fact that the sound is somewhat warped as a result of the little speaker on the mobile phone.

It’s the voice of his much-cherished mother, and Guddu’s reaction to hearing it couldn’t be any more genuine.

In the end, Guddu is unable to resist responding to her again.

Despite the fact that it is unknown where Guddu’s mother is calling from or when the two will be brought back together, there is one thing that is certain: no matter how far apart they are, she will always be in his heart.

By Anna

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