After spending the day doing back-to-school shopping, Evie and Leslie Benson were on their way home when they saw other vehicles swerving to avoid a little brown object that was located in the distance. Soon enough, they came upon him: a pet dog cowering in terror in front of an approaching tractor-trailer.

According to what Evie Benson shared with The Dodo, “We closed our eyes, frightened that we were going to watch this puppy be struck by a vehicle.” “It’s a good thing the dog was able to get out of the road in the nick of time.”

Benson knew exactly what she needed to do after seeing such a narrow escape from danger.

Benson said that his “fight or flight” response was activated when he leaped out of the moving automobile.

As soon as possible, the thankful dog was placed in a secure location in the backseat of their vehicle.

In spite of the fact that he was filthy and very underweight, the puppy’s tail never stopped wagging, even when he was at his worst.

Benson stated, “I was sad just thinking about what this dog had gone through and how afraid and alone he felt.” “I was heartbroken just thinking about what this dog has been through.” “The drive in the automobile went by quite quickly. After some time, he slept off while being held by me, and at that point, I burst into tears. I wanted him to understand that he was now free from danger.

They transported the puppy to the Goochland County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center, where he was admitted to the facility almost immediately after arriving.

Benson went back the next day to see how he was doing and check on him. She had no idea whether the puppy would recognize her, but as soon as she walked through the door, he rushed up to her and leaped into her arms.

Benson said that the feelings began to surface while they were sitting in the room with the patient. “When my mother and I first began sobbing… I sat down next to him on the floor, and he immediately climbed into my lap, where he curled up and seemed perfectly pleased. He even lay on top of me and gave me a hug.

Shortly after, Benson came up with the ideal moniker for the dog; she began referring to him as Wags due to the fact that he never stopped wagging his tail, regardless of the circumstances.

Benson is relieved that Wags is finally receiving the medical attention he needs, but she can’t get over the fact that so many motorists passed by him without offering assistance. Although though she is leaving for college in the autumn and won’t be able to adopt Wags, she is certain that he will soon be reunited with his family.

Benson expressed his regret by saying, “It crushes my heart that I can’t adopt him.” “The SPCA has received a large number of calls and texts from people checking on Wags… I have no doubt that he will have no problem locating a new residence.

Benson is aware that the small dog in the road will be ingrained in her memory for the rest of her life, and she knows that the Wags will do the same for her.

Benson said that “we created a relationship that will last a lifetime,” adding that “I adore him so much.” “I am very thankful that I was able to rescue him and get in touch with him.”

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