The Facial Paralysis Institute is home to the most cutting-edge treatments and surgical procedures available for those who suffer from Bell’s palsy and facial paralysis. These treatments and procedures, such as the masseter to facial nerve transfer technique, are available to those who visit the institute.

Facial paralysis may be caused by a number of different medical conditions, including but not limited to acoustic neuromas, Bell’s palsy, trauma, parotid tumors, and Moebius syndrome. To recover facial animation, a person who has suffered from facial paralysis for an extended period of time may have more than one surgical option available to them. The severity of the patient’s condition will also play a role in this decision. Expert facial paralysis surgeon Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, may determine that the masseteric-facial nerve transfer is the best treatment option for a patient after evaluating the patient’s ability to move their face. This procedure is also known as the trigeminal-facial nerve transfer or the 5-7 nerve transfer.

Patients suffering from facial paralysis go from all over the globe to the Facial Paralysis Center in Beverly Hills, California, in order to undergo the masseter to facial nerve transfer treatment. Patients who choose Dr. Azizzadeh as their surgeon are placing themselves in the capable hands of one of the pioneers in the field of surgical modification, which results in patients having less synkinesis and a more dynamic grin.

Facial reanimation may be significantly enhanced with the use of the masseter nerve transfer (also known as the trigeminal nerve transfer) in patients who have suffered from persistent Bell’s palsy or total facial paralysis. Although it is not limited to patients who have experienced facial paralysis for less than three years, this procedure has had tremendous success in helping patients at the Facial Paralysis Institute. However, it is not limited to that specific longevity and has a great deal of dependence on the etiology as well as the muscle activity.

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