Throughout the eleven years that Jodi and her family had been providing foster care, Kristin was by far the most distressed dog that they had ever come across. Kristin spent the whole day standing in the same spot outdoors. She had absolutely no desire to engage in conversation with anybody else. As Jodi was giving Kristin some time to herself, she put some food and drink out for her.
They went to great lengths to make it clear to Kristin that they had no intention of causing her any damage. The roles of the wife and I would switch. Jodi remembers saying something to the effect of, “Let her know that we won’t be making these jarring movements for at least 10 to 12 hours a day.”

They did nothing more than stand outside and sit near to Kristin in order to convey the message that they cared for her and that she was not alone.

They continued doing this for many weeks before making any headway.

Nonetheless, there came a point in time when Kristin was finally ready to go inside her own house. Jodi was moved to tears as a result of the event.

Jodi said, “I felt like she was putting her faith in the fact that his home is a secure residence at that very time.” She would start running toward the corner of the restroom, but there was still a lot of work to be done on our end.

After a few of months, Jodi had the distinct impression that her newly purchased house had become her home.

At that time, she had a strong yearning to be among her extended family. The family couldn’t contain their happiness when Kristin got out of her warm bed and went to Jodi’s hubby to get some attention from him. Jodi observed that this had a lot of weight for the two of us.

Kristin not only had a new human foster family, but she also had a new human foster family consisting of canine pals who either permanently resided in the house or were temporary fosters that came and went. All of Kristin’s new playmates and she got along famously.

It was said that Kristin had come from a family where there was a history of violence on Jodi’s foster profile.

She was rescued together with three of her other mastiff siblings at the same time. Because of this, Kristin began her time with her foster family with very little confidence in them.

“Charges of serious cruelty and neglect were made as a result of the awful circumstances in which these mastiffs were found. When rescue efforts were initiated, the BDHP was able to save four people (another rescue took the fifth). They are all now living in foster care, and will soon be able to be adopted by permanent families. Jodi explains

Kristin’s other siblings also had a hard time dealing with their feelings in the same way. But, Jodi has shown that love can cure everything and anything.

Since Jodi showered her with so much love and care, Kristin seemed to be a brand-new puppy.

She had finally come out of her shyness and was the happy, loving dog that she had always deserved to be. She had totally burst out of her shell.

When Kristin had made a complete recovery and been given a clean bill of health, Jodi intended to give her up for adoption.

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that Kristin did not succeed as a foster kid. Jodi and her family came to the conclusion that Kristin was a member of their clan and would remain so in the foreseeable future.

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