Opal, an Australian Shepherd puppy who is just 7 months old, was born with a genetic abnormality that causes her to be blind and deaf. Forrest and Christine took her home with them after rescuing her from The Double J Dog Ranch in Idaho, which is a refuge for abused and disabled dogs.

Opal may be seen in the following video excitedly jumping for pleasure when she detects the odor of her father’s automobile as it draws near their home while she is waiting outside for him.

Christine exclaims, “I can honestly say that this is my favorite part of the day.”

“Opal is unable to see or hear. Yet, she is aware of the time when her father will get home from work, and she waits for him outside. When she smells his car, she feels really aroused. She is very interested in him. That is really fantastic!

By Elen

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