In Carbon County, Pennsylvania, Jami Lassell came upon a dog that was trapped within the attic of a home, and she was unsure what to do about the situation.

The Dodo reports that a woman who went to clean an abandoned house found a dog in the attic of the house.

Lassell remarked that the woman had almost no fat on her body. “I have no idea when she last consumed anything,” I said.

There was no way to determine how long Remi, the young pit bull, had been locked up in the attic. She had chewed her way through the walls and the door in an effort to get out of the room, which was filthy and infested with fleas and excrement.

A Pit Bull that had been burned and tied up was rescued from a shelter in Canada, according to The Dodo.

When Lassell finally came face to face with the stray dog, she was taken away by the loving reception she got from the dog. She was the most affectionate dog that I’ve ever encountered, according to Lassell. “The second she laid eyes on me, she started wagging her tail; all she wanted was love,” I said.

It was in her plans to take care of Remi as a foster child until she regained her health and was ready to be adopted. As soon as Remi entered her house, the plan was thrown out the window.

According to Lassell’s statement, “I couldn’t give her up until she got home with me,” this is true.

A pit bull was discovered confined in the attic of an abandoned home, and a woman rescued it.

Remi was taken to the veterinarian by Lassell, and there it was discovered that one of the dog’s legs was injured and would need surgery. Despite the suffering that Remi has been through, the brave dog has a deep devotion to all creatures that are alive.

Lassell referred to her as a “true lovebug” in his statement. She reacts to the sight of a human by jerking her tail and twitching her ears.

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