Hendrix believed that he had found his forever family after being at the Kentucky Humane Society for close to a year.

On Tuesday, the Staffordshire terrier mix got all dolled up and traveled to the Sam Swope Canine Care & Lifesaving Center, where it was eagerly anticipating meeting potential new owners. The family had already completed an application and had a conversation with the members of the shelter’s staff before the meet-and-greet. Yet, after that, they vanished into thin air.

After some time, Hendrix came to the realization that this was not going to be his lucky day.

According to Megan Decker, who works for the Kentucky Humane Society, who spoke with The Dodo, “We waited for them for nearly 30 minutes, and we never got a call or heard from them.” Hendrix was waiting for them to arrive as he was dressed out in his harness and grinning from ear to ear, but they never showed up. Hendrix was disappointed. That devastated our hearts in so many ways.

The Dodo reports that a shelter dog gets all dressed up to meet a new family, but the new family never shows up.

After having fun in the yard, the extroverted dog takes pleasure in lounging about and soaking up as much attention as he can.

Decker claims that Hendrix has an abundance of lovability, cuddliness, and gentleness. He has experience interacting with youngsters as young as 5, and all he does is turn over and snort with glee while getting his belly rubbed.

Hendrix’s secondary goal is to find a home without any cats, but his primary goal is to find someone who will adore him and make his life enjoyable. The employees at the shelter are aware that he would find a loving home for himself one day, and it broke their hearts to see his expectations dashed in that way.

The Dodo reports that a shelter dog gets all dressed up to meet a new family, but the new family never shows up.

The Kentucky Humane Society expressed their horror in a post they made on Facebook, stating, “Watching him wait patiently for a family to arrive, only to be stood up is heartbreaking.”

We just cannot stand the thought of our adorable youngster being upset.

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