As Karen made her way along the sidewalk in her neighborhood, she couldn’t help but notice that someone was following her.

A nervous German shepherd had been following closely behind, cautiously padding along the pavement right behind him. It was obvious that the dog was interested in what was going on, but he was keeping his distance.

Karen, who asked that her last name not be used, stated to The Dodo that she did not feel threatened by her stalker’s presence. “When we first met, I made several attempts to coax her closer to me, but she was too terrified. I waited by sitting on the curb in the meantime.”

Karen was concerned that the dog may have been abandoned due to her breed, and she felt an instant connection to her. She had no choice but to stay with her.

She found out that the stray puppy had been seen in the area quite a few times, but nobody had been successful in gaining the stray’s confidence.

“Everyone tried to catch her,” Karen said, referring to the humane society, the neighbors, and security.

For some reason, the skittish dog felt safer around Karen. Karen had to exercise a lot of patience and coaxing before the puppy agreed to go home with her.

Karen stated that she was the first person that “she allowed close enough.” “I am truly astonished at how things like this can take place.”

The union appeared to have been predetermined. In 2019, Karen was devastated by the loss of her cherished golden retriever, Lola. Since then, she has been contemplating getting another dog, but she is still on the fence about it. She was completely unprepared for the sudden appearance of her new best friend in her life. She quickly fell in love with the dog, and she decided to name her Nala.

Karen said that the experience of having Nala follow her helped allay any concerns she had about getting a dog. “Sometimes you find yourself in a circumstance where you believe you are not prepared for it, but fate intervenes and tells you, ‘Umm, yeah, you are.'”

Karen created a video in which she documented her experience, and the video quickly became extremely popular on the internet.

“I’m blown away that my reel was able to move so many people, but I’m overjoyed that people care about rescue!” Karen said.

Karen had relayed what she believed to be the entirety of the story, but Nala had one more shock in store for her.

Karen became concerned that something was wrong when Nala began exhibiting symptoms of nausea and bloating after eating. She sought the advice of a professional by going to the veterinarian.

It wasn’t long before it became abundantly clear that Nala wasn’t ill; rather, she was pregnant.

After only a few days of pregnancy, Nala gave birth to eight happy and healthy puppies.

“Nala is the most amazing mother!” Karen said. “I’m still in major shock, but I couldn’t be more thrilled!”

The veterinarian had a good idea that Karen had found Nala when she was four weeks along in her pregnancy; however, because Nala hadn’t been eating very much, she didn’t show any obvious signs that she was pregnant. It wasn’t until Karen started giving Nala meals on a regular basis that the true nature of the situation was revealed.

Karen shared with me her belief that “these moments that happen can take you to places you never dreamed.”

When Karen and Nala first crossed paths, it was purely by chance, and neither of them could have anticipated the wacky journey that the other would take them on together. Nevertheless, Karen would not trade her experience for anything in the world, and she is very happy with her new dog.

Karen shared her sentiments, stating, “All I can do now is make sure she is safe and happy forever.” “She saved me, but it was only because I saved her.”

By Anna

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