The whereabouts of the missing 6-year-old youngster was located thanks to the assistance of the service dog Fred. It is well knowledge that the hunt for the child lasted for more than a month and included both volunteers and police enforcement agencies.

Fred The dog have a highly developed sense of smell. Dog walkers have reported this incident to the proper authorities.

Bloodhound searches in Tennessee locate missing 6-year-old girl whose father is suspected of kidnapping her.

It is well knowledge that on his very first task, the guy with four legs helped find a boy who had been lost for 13 years.

During the search for Kinzleigh Reeder, the dog was given permission to smell the clothing worn by Nicholas Reeder, Kinzleigh’s father. Kinzleigh is six years old.

By following the trail, Fred was able to go quite a distance from the man’s house to his hiding location.

Nicholas and his daughter were taking refuge in a house that had been abandoned.

Brave bloodhound tracks out missing youngster, age 6, and “sniffs out dad who abducted her,” according to Mirror Online.

Since the individual had barricaded all of the entrances to the building and smashed the windows with metal sheets, officers from the police department forcibly entered the structure.
Inside, there was no ventilation, and the air was thick with the smell of ammonia. The young lady was both malnourished and very dehydrated.

After a month had passed since her abduction by her father, a young girl of seven years old was located thanks to a dog named Bloodhound, who is now being hailed as a hero.

After recognizing Kinzleigh, Fred went up to her and began kissing her face. Kinzleigh was not amused. The exhausted young lady flashed a gleaming smile as she wrapped her arms around her rescuer.

Kinzleigh was handed up to the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services by her father, who had been detained at the time.

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