A tiny animal was left alone in her carrier, and she waited impatiently for someone to come and rescue her. The sun had set, the temperature was lowering, and the snow that was falling slowly accumulated in a pile on top of her improvised house as it continued to accumulate there.

As it seemed like there was no way out, a moist nose unexpectedly poked its way through the snow. A dog that was out for a stroll had picked up on an unusual odor and was determined to show his owner what he had discovered.
The dog’s owner was taken aback when she went to examine what had happened. There, all by itself in the snow, was a cat with wide-open eyes.

The lady brought the stray cat back to her house and then put a message on Facebook, seeking assistance and recommendations. Shortly after, she became acquainted with the Home at Last Rescue organization.

According to Stephanie Niro-Pisani, executive director of Home at Last, who spoke with The Dodo about her experience, “My heart plummeted as it dawned on me how cold and snowy it was outdoors.” “I just couldn’t get my head around the idea that someone could be so cruel to any animal, much less their own cat… It’s quite unlikely that she would have made it through the night without the help of this lady and her dog.

Home, at Last, made the arrangements for the injured cat, who was eventually given the name Paisley, to be evaluated at Bayview Park Animal Hospital. There, she received the appropriate medical attention for her injuries.

Paisley was first timid when she was introduced to a large number of new people; however, as the cat realized that she was secure, she began to relax, and her genuine personality started to emerge.

“When she was sent to a foster family, her real colors came out,” Niro-Pisani said. “Her genuine colors came out.” “She is a really nice and kind cat, but she is also extremely lively, and she has a lot of self-assurance.”

Paisley is having the time of her life at her foster home, where she gets to cuddle up with her foster mother and enjoy playing with the catnip toys.

Paisley will be able to be adopted when a couple more weeks have passed. Niro-Pisani cannot wait to provide Paisley with the kind of life she has earned.

Niro-Pisani said that “her future will without a doubt be fantastic.” “After all that she has gone through and the way in which she was let down by her prior family, we will make sure that her forever family is indeed forever.”

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