In a building site in the Bronx, there was a little cat called Yankee who was frantically trying to save her life by hiding amid the debris. Yankee had nothing to shield her from the bitter winter weather, so she had effectively frozen to passing. She probably wouldn’t have survived much longer if the workmen on the construction hadn’t discovered her and called Puppy Kitty NYCity for assistance when they did.

According to Meagan Licari, president of Puppy Kitty NYCity, who spoke with The Dodo about the incident, “construction crews heard her screams the day before and were hunting for her.” When they discovered her, she was shivering from the cold. As soon as I arrived, her temperature was so low that it did not even register on the thermometer. She was unable to raise her head in any way. I took her directly to the emergency room of the hospital.”

Since she was so weak from the cold and exposure, Yankee hardly even knew when she was being rescued. She just stepped back and let Licari handle the situation. As soon as she arrived at the hospital, the veterinarians got to work trying to save her life. She was shivering and famished, but the tiny kitten started to come back to life as soon as she started to warm up and receive some food in her stomach.

As Yankee started acting like a lively little cat, Licari was both startled and delighted by his transformation. It was a miracle that she was saved in the nick of time.

According to Licari, it took her three days in the hospital to come back to her regular self after the accident. “She required a significant amount of care and assistance… She is now the happiest girl in the world!

As soon as Yankee began to feel better, her inquisitive and feisty nature made a strong comeback in a huge manner. Everyone agreed that she would be the perfect addition to a very fortunate family, and it didn’t take long before she found the home that would be hers for the rest of her life.

Things seemed to be in a dire state when construction workers discovered Yankee for the first time. She is receiving all the love and care that she deserves, and as a result, she is happy than she has ever been.

By Anna

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