Navó the dog now calls the Netherlands home, where he is cared after by his beautiful owners. Whether they go swimming or camping, they always bring their pet along with them. The intermittent fear that the dog has when it is near water may now be treated, thanks to the discovery made by the dog’s owners. As they continue to support him through the difficult moments, he is given hugs and brought into their arms.

As her son insists on giving her a swimming hug, the dog’s mother thinks it’s adorable and finds it rather endearing. Navó makes an effort to cuddle up to his parents because he enjoys being held close and because he wants to feel secure. When his parents aren’t there to see him swim, he finds it quite upsetting. In addition to this, he is under the impression that they are now at the most secure location on the face of the planet.

The presence of water is not a novel experience for animals kept as pets. It turns out that his father is a triathlon, and he takes great pleasure in bringing Navó along with him to the strenuous training sessions. Due to the fact that the animal enjoys spending time in his parents’ company, he is constantly excited to participate in the activities that they have planned. While it’s not swimming, the kind and observant dog enjoys playing fetch and pondering the vastness of the cosmos. His chosen line of work is observation, and he takes pleasure in engaging in conversation with others who are in his immediate environment.

It would seem that Navó is the ideal pet. While the father is away competing, the mother may always count on him to provide a helping hand. His mother and father describe him as a “genuine family member” who has made their dreams come true.

By Elen

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