This adorable stray puppy, who has been given the name Greyson, like going on long walks. Yet, in contrast to the majority of dogs, it is not the only method he can go about.

When Greyson was rescued from the streets, where he’d been left to fend for himself for a few months, he was only a few months old. Shortly after that, his biological father, James Bonde, decided to adopt him, and the two of them quickly became inseparable.

According to what Bonde told The Dodo, “He goes wherever I go.”

Yet, Greyson follows in Bonde’s footsteps as well.

As Bonde enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, Greyson has taken up the hobby as well. They are known to go about town on a Onewheel, which is a self-balancing, electric conveyance. In addition to going on hikes, kayak outings, and surfing vacations together, they are also known to ride One wheel.

At first, all Greyson did was stand atop the Onewheel while Bonde was in charge of controlling it. Yet, things didn’t continue to be like that for very long.

Clearly, when riding on the Onewheel with Bonde as a passenger, Greyson was able to get a better understanding of how it works. Leaning on the board in this manner effectively causes it to move in that direction.

And before long, Greyson had reached the point where he was able to ride it all by himself.

He took it easy at first, focusing on getting a good feel for the steering wheel.

Soon enough, Greyson was able to cruise with ease and handle even off-road terrains with the skill of a seasoned veteran.

Bonde even went so far as to get Greyson his very own Onewheel so that the two of them could travel together while being independent riders.

These days, Greyson and Bonde have become characters who can’t be missed as they make their way across the city on their many enjoyable trips. They unquestionably attract people’s attention.

Bonde said that “Greyson really loves riding.” “And he loves each and every person.”

After being rescued from a miserable existence as a stray, Greyson has made significant progress since then.

And it’s all owing to Bonde that they’re able to take that step ahead in a refined fashion.

Bonde was quoted as saying, “I don’t believe he appreciates how great he is.” It’s the only thing he’s ever done.

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