When Kelly De Alba received a notification from her baby cam in the middle of the night in February 2022, she assumed that it was most likely simply baby Kallie moving about. Nevertheless, when De Alba accessed the app, she discovered a beautiful guest lounging in Kallie’s cot. It was the family’s small black cat, Luna. And Luna had no trouble whatsoever settling into a comfortable position on her sister’s bed.

De Alba revealed this information to The Dodo, saying, “I received a notice, so I opened it, and I just saw Luna rubbing all over Kallie.” “The camera was almost in her face, and they were both gazing at it as if to say, “Mom, please don’t separate us. I beg you, don’t. Let us remain.'”

As De Alba uploaded the video to TikTok, viewers were obsessed with the love between Luna and Kallie and could not get enough of it.

Regrettably, De Alba was unable to accommodate Luna and Kallie’s request for a sleepover on that particular night. “[Luna] knows when she hears Mom coming, and she’s not meant to be in the crib until both I and De Alba are in there,” said De Alba. “Luna is really smart.”

When De Alba first welcomed Luna into her house from the animal shelter, Kallie and Luna had a close and special relationship. As soon as Luna caught a whiff of Kallie, she had a feeling that the two of them were destined to be together.

When they arrived at the shelter, De Alba stated, “She immediately got on Kallie’s car seat.” “And at that moment, I thought to myself, ‘I can’t go without this cat. This is it,'” she said.

The little cat has a profound bond with her younger sister, Kallie, but she also has an exceptionally strong bond with each of her older siblings. She cuddles up with them all night long and doesn’t put up much of a fuss about it, even when she’s trying to sneak into Kallie’s cot at night. She sleeps with them instead.

Yet, Luna is able to make her way back to infant Kallie at all times. According to De Alba, “From the very beginning, she’s been sort of Kallie’s cat.” “That is truly a link between a newborn and a cat.”

De Alba continued by saying, “It doesn’t seem to matter where it is, Luna simply seems to constantly be right next to [Kallie].” Luna isn’t particularly talkative, but you can always tell when she’s hearing anything about Kallie because she’ll let out a few meows. And Kallie has the same reaction whenever her mother talks about Luna. According to De Alba, “she always has the greatest grin on her face.”

And throughout the course of these last eight months, not only has Kallie developed from an infant into a toddler but also her bond with Luna has become even more robust.

De Alba said that Kallie and Luna are still very close to one another. They spend most of the day together, whether they are running about and creating a mess, snacking, or sleeping. The fact that Kallie is now old enough to shower Luna with affection is much to Luna’s delight.

De Alba continued by saying, “Kallie will lay down and stroke her head for intervals of twenty minutes at a time, and at those times, they are both in paradise.” “Luna continues to make an effort, whenever it is possible, to get into Kallie’s bed. Nevertheless, she usually ends up sleeping with the older children at night and with Kallie during naps.”

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