Barney had his fingers crossed as he waited for today to come around at the adoption event. The adorable dog had been at the Darlington County Humane Society for many months at that point, but prospective adopters had shown very little interest in taking him home. Barney, though, was not going to give up.

Barney waited and watched as the other dogs at the event were reunited with their owners, hoping that his turn would come next. He gave everyone a kind grin and wag of his tail as they walked past. Barney, however, was completely overlooked by everyone by the time the event was through.

Staff members at the humane organization were devastated to learn that Barney had been neglected once again. In an effort to cheer him up, they hugged him repeatedly and gave him a lot of embraces.

Barney was not affected negatively by the occurrence in any way. He has not lost his capacity to love other people and all he asks for is to be loved by someone else.

“He likes playing with other dogs, yes, but Barney most prefers time with a human,” Wendy Ransome, the foster coordinator at the shelter, told The Dodo. “He enjoys time with a person more than he does time with other dogs.” “Barney is a cheerful, sociable, and loving little child.”

Ransome is of the opinion that many potential adopters have been put off by Barney’s greater size. On the other hand, she is aware that the size of the puppy won’t be of any concern to the proper person.

Ransome described Barney as a huge, affable goofball in his statement. When I’m at the animal shelter and I glance in the direction of his kennel, I know he’ll be at the front, just waiting. Because of his size and strength, most people aren’t likely to choose Barney as their partner. We are aware of the situation and are conscious of the fact that it will not remain hidden forever.

The humane organization discussed the dog’s limitless capacity for love in a post they made on Facebook about Barney.

According to the post states, “He longs for attention.” “When you go to his kennel, he barks and whines at you, pleading with you to let him out. He will squeeze himself up against the wall as closely as he can so that you can get a good look at him and love every part of him that you can. When you sit with him, it makes him very happy. If you take him outside to play, he will be absolutely ecstatic.”

Barney enjoys the company of children but would rather not share his home with cats. Barney doesn’t mind hanging around at the shelter for the time being since everyone who works there is always willing to give him a kind embrace and a warm grin. Yet Barney, who is capable of giving so much love, has the expectation that the ideal person will come into his life very soon. At long last, Barney will also have a happy ending of his own.

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