As a volunteer at Forgotten, Now Family Rescue, Chrissy Elder is used to assisting animals who are in need. This is the reason why she travels to the animal shelter near her home in Charlotte, North Carolina, numerous times a week to take in some of the unwanted strays.

Recently, a tiny puppy name Piggy attracted her eye, and she realized that she had to move quickly in order to offer Piggy a glimmer of hope and the greatest possible opportunity at a new life.

Elder told The Dodo that when he was at the shelter, the staff informed him that there is another dog housed in a cage at the rear of the facility. “He was in such awful condition and looked so miserable.”

When Elder rescued Piggy from the animal shelter, he was taken to the emergency veterinary room for a period of five days in order to get treatment for his excruciating skin condition.

According to Elder, “He was placed in a foster home where he got medical baths three times a week.” In addition, in order to treat an infection, he was given two courses of antibiotics.

Piggy is exhibiting indications of hair regeneration, and Elder believes that he may soon be able to look forward to a full coat of fur if he continues to get a lot of Love.

Elder said that they were beginning to notice “some nice tiny patches coming in now.” We do not expect that he will continue to be in this state indefinitely.

Piggy is simply thankful to get another opportunity in life despite all that has happened to her.

Elder said that the newborn was the most adorable child. “He is completely oblivious to how cruel the world has been to him. On the first day, he was so reluctant to move that he couldn’t even stand. Now, he is running and playing. He is giddy with joy, his piglet-like ears flapping in the breeze, and he cannot wait to meet everyone.

Piggy is doing much better and is seeking a new home now that he is on the mend. The one and only significant need are that you must like ears that flop.

By Anna

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