Lisa Reams, the director of Saving Grace Animal Rescue (SGAR), recently learned that two German shepherds had been left behind at a public waste site in the Yazoo, Mississippi region. She didn’t give it a second thought before getting in her car and driving over to see if she could be of any assistance.

Nevertheless, when she arrived, there was a surprise waiting for her there. In addition to the two adults, there were also two young pups that need care.

She hoped that by getting the two friendly pack leaders into her automobile, she might drive them to a place where they would be secure.

Jennifer Brooks, president of SGAR’s sister shelter in New York, NYC Second Rescue, told The Dodo that “they both simply hopped straight into her vehicle.” After that, she was successful in obtaining the pups.

Reams loaded up her whole family of shepherds into her vehicle and headed directly to the veterinary clinic, where both of the adult dogs, named Luke and Jenny, got positive heartworm test results. Fortunately, heartworm disease is completely curable.

Fortunately, both Phoenix and Miles, two of their babies, returned negative findings, and all four of the puppies have been given the green light to enter foster care.

Nonetheless, it has become far more difficult to locate suitable foster homes. So, it has been decided that the whole family will relocate to NYC Second Chance Rescue, which has a larger number of fosters available.

As of this moment, each of the four canines may still be fostered or adopted if anybody is interested. The employees at the shelter are thankful that the family was able to remain together in the garbage dump for a sufficient amount of time to be given a second shot at life, but they are unsure if any will be fostered together.

Brookes reassured them that their safety had been restored. They won’t be exposed to the elements in such a manner ever again.

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