It is always heartening to see humans helping animals, but there are certain individuals who truly go the additional mile to save the day and wow everyone else with their selflessness.

This was the situation faced by a group of students who carried out an astonishing upside-down trick in order to save a puppy that was trapped in a canal.

When Jack Spencer Furmston and Ben Camphor, all 20 years old and students in Manchester, UK, encountered a stranger who seemed to be in need of assistance, they stopped on their way home from a coffee shop to offer assistance.

It was reported on MailOnline that a dog called Sumak had gotten into the Ancoats Canal, and that the dog’s owner, Batu Akyol, was battling to keep hold of the dog by its leash.

As the dog struggled valiantly to cling to the edge of the wall, Jack and Ben made the decision to halt what they were doing and provide assistance. Ben shared with MailOnline that “everyone was freaking out.” “I couldn’t stand by and watch that dog be hurt, so I threw down my jumper and got to work.”

When more people joined in, they undertook a dangerous rescue mission: Ben went over the wall with his head first as five other people grabbed his feet.

Ben was able to grab the dog that was in the water and bring him to safety despite the fact that he was hanging upside down.

Dabhidh MchicEamailinn was there with a camcorder and captured the rescue on film; he then posted it on Twitter. Once they successfully rescue the dog, there is much rejoicing to be heard.

The video has been seen over 2.8 million times on Twitter, and many people on the internet have hailed the people who helped the victim as heroes.

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