When Alexis Lin first met Kris Kempf, the man who would later become her husband, he had one major flaw: he did not like cats.

According to what Lin shared with The Dodo, “I don’t believe he despised cats; I think he simply didn’t care for them or favor them the way he loved dogs.”

Yet, as time went on, those circumstances began to shift. When Lin first met Kempf, she already had two cats, and those cats were instrumental in Kempf being more accepting of other cats in general. Today, he is completely obsessed with cats, and he even volunteers to help rescue them.

Recently, Kempf went for a run with the couple’s kid, and while they were gone, Lin got an amazing text message. When they were gone, Lin was running.

“He claimed they went [past] a bush, and then this small creature came coming out behind them, into the street, and was screaming at them,” Lin recalled. “He said they fled past the bush.” “He cautiously approached the cat, which did not flee but instead continued to meow and go toward them,” she said.

The guy who didn’t like cats was now emailing his wife about a little abandoned kitten, and she was already prepared for whatever response he would give her.

Lin shared his thoughts, “I felt we had to at least attempt to assist it.” I thus instructed Kris to bring it home, and together we will go get some materials so that we may nurse it back to health.

The pair worked together to get the small cat cleaned up and comfortable in his new home after Kempf obeyed their instructions and brought the kitten home. Now that he is secure and is adjusting well to the family, he seems to be quite thankful and satisfied with his situation. Since the couple already has numerous dogs, a kid, and another child on the way, they are unsure whether or not they will be able to retain him, but regardless of their decision, they will do all in their power to ensure that he is placed in the ideal forever home.

It’s possible that Kempf would not have contacted his wife about the kitten with such passion in the past, but it only serves to highlight the fact that he has evolved into a real cat man.

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