This is the touching moment when a dog rescued a fawn from drowning by jumping into a lake, paddling around 200 feet offshore, and rescuing the little deer. The kind dog, however, did not give up here. Even after he took the little critter out of the water, he continued to look after her and make sure she was okay.

Ralph Dorn, a resident of Virginia, took his Goldendoodle, Harley, who is now 6 years old, for a stroll. Ralph and his four-legged friend travel to the nearby lake very often since it is an excellent location for physically active individuals to express their adventurous spirit. The lake is located not far from their home.

While Harley likes to explore the locations surrounding the lake, he never travels too far from his owner. The only difference is that this time, all of a sudden, the dog disappeared, and there was no sign of him whatsoever. But it wasn’t until Ralph gazed at the water’s surface that he realized he was looking for his puppy. And he was not alone. The ex-marine immediately saw that his dog was transporting another animal.

A young deer was unable to make its way back to the beach after it accidentally wandered into the center of the lake. It is hard to explain how it occurred in the first place, but what is known is that when Harley saw the newborn deer suffering, he acted quickly and rescued it. This is the only thing that is definite. Yet the reason for this is that even after he was successful in bringing the defenseless animal to safety on land, the compassionate dog continued to remain by its side and care for it.

In an interview with People, Ralph said, “Harley didn’t want to leave this fawn.” He never stopped playing with it, licking it, and taking care of it in any other way. Even though he was only a young pup, his kind, and generous nature was instantly apparent to us. He has consistently had this attitude toward both children and animals. They are all loved by him.”

Ralph said that he had no clue how the young deer came to be in the middle of the lake, but that he is really glad that his dog was able to save the deer in such a manner! The dog’s delighted owner ultimately made the decision to post about Harley’s brave deed on Facebook, and the post received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from people all over the world.

Ralph commented in a post that has now gone viral, “Not sure how the fawn got out there but Harley certainly didn’t question why, he simply sprang into action,” referring to Harley’s behavior. “The tiny one stopped bleating, tail wagging, they touched noses and smelled each other, and Harley came back to the house with me in a calm and collected manner.”

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